PayPal Payment Status Pending With a Cancel Button

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If you’ve made a PayPal payment and your My eBay shows the payment status as Pending, log into your PayPal account and see what the PayPal status is.

If the PayPal status is Unclaimed and there is a Cancel button next to the transaction on the Overview page, then the payment has been sent to an email address that is not associated with the seller’s PayPal account.

You will also receive a payment notification from PayPal that looks similar to this:

Contact the seller to explain and ask them to see if they can add the email address to their PayPal account (detailed instructions for the seller here):

Paypal Payment Email Received But No Payment In Account

If the seller is able to add and confirm the email address, the payment will be claimed and you don’t need to do anything else.

If the seller cannot add the email address, press the Cancel button and then Cancel Payment button on the next screen to cancel the transaction.

Cancelling the transaction will not stop the funds being collected from your bank account (if funded by instant bank transfer or eCheck) or from your credit/debit card (if card funded) – but the funds will be returned to you once they have cleared.

If you funded the transaction by credit/debit card, the funds will be returned to the card (can take up to 30 days, but usually about 7). If you funded by any other source, the funds will be returned to your PayPal balance.

If it was not an expensive transaction you can pay to an alternative PayPal email address as supplied by the seller. They should send you a manual invoice from their PayPal account. You will need to give them the email address which you log into your PayPal account with.

Be aware though, that if you do not make the PayPal payment to the email address specified in the listing you will not be covered by PayPal Buyer Protection:

13.8 e. For purposes of eBay items, the buyer must have sent a single PayPal payment for the full price of the item to the PayPal Account specified by the seller in the listing, and must have either used the Pay Now button or associated the payment with the eBay listing by entering the item number into the PayPal payment instructions. If the buyer sent payment to a different PayPal Account or by a different method, even at the seller's request, the transaction will not be covered.

So if it's an expensive item, you should not proceed with the transaction. You should ask the seller to file an eBay Mutual Withdrawal of the transaction (and agree to it so the seller can reclaim their eBay Final Value Fee) by way of an

Unpaid Item Process

and suggest that the seller relists the item as a Buy-It-Now at the price of the original transaction (making sure that they put the correct PayPal payment email address in the listing).

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