Paul Menards # 98 1-6th scale Hobby Grade Nascar Rc car

Paul Menards # 98 1-6th scale Hobby Grade Nascar Rc car
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"Paul Menards # 98 1-6th scale Hobby Grade Nascar Rc car"

First Ford Fusion C.O.T. Nascar Rc car in 1-6th scale


Made by Team-Up International

Was ONLY available thru Menards Special Order Center online or in a participating Menards Home Center near you


Limited Production
One of a whole line of 1-6th scale Nascar Rc cars, this Paul Menards # 98 1-6th scale Hobby Grade Nascar Rc car the newest, 13th release from Team-Up International. 2009 paint scheme its the First Ford Fusion C.O.T. in 1-6th scale.

This Paul Menards # 98 1-6th scale Hobby Grade Nascar Rc car runs on frequency chip "A" which is the same frequency as the Dale Sr. # 3 Hobby Grade Nascar Rc car. (which means they cannot be run at the same time, unless you have a frequency "chip pack" explained below)


This, My copy of the  Paul Menards # 98 1-6th scale Hobby Grade Nascar Rc car was purchased for 179.00 plus shipping, 9.93 to Utah, on December 1st, 2009 and arrived December 5th, 2009. Average sale price on these Paul Menards # 98 1-6th scale Hobby Grade Nascar Rc cars ranged from 169.00 to 179.00 plus tax in the stores at the time of this posting. Maybe cheaper since the economy is still pretty tight.

One of 3 C.O.T. 1-6th scale Nascar Rc cars produced in 2009, a Dale Jr # 88 Mountain Dew - AMP Energy Drink C.O.T. and the Jeff Gordon # 24 Dupont "Nicorette" C.O.T. versions are the first two in this scale regularly released as retail and online versions.

The other 12 models, (8 different drivers,  but 10 different graphics packages in Base Versions and 12 others in Hobby Grade versions) can still be found here on ebay or online or sometimes by simply emailing me as I get emails from time to time sellers asking for buyers.
These others listed below were originally released in grand fashion at Walmarts, in November-December 2005 and thru January 2006, had a BUNCH of these sister cars on sale in 2007 3 times fairly cheaply with free shipping but are long sold out at an average of 32.00 with free shipping.
Currently 2 other newer C.O.T. models released in mid to late 2009 of  2 previously released drivers, are available online at, and other internet stores for the #88 Dale Jr. Amp Energy Drink C.O.T. version and the # 24 Jeff Gordon C.O. T. Dupont / Nicorette version
Heres the entire 13 Hobby Grades listed here below...

# 3 Dale Earnhardt Sr.  GM Goodwrench DEI

# 8 Dale Jr. "Budweiser Racing" version  DEI

# 8 Dale Jr. "DEI Wheat Crest" version  DEI

# 88 Dale Jr. C.O.T. "AMP Energy / Mountain Dew" version HMS

 # 20 Tony Stewart "Home Depot" JGR

# 24 Jeff Gordon "Dupont Racing" HMS

# 24 Jeff Gordon C.O.T "Dupont Racing / Nicorette" HMS

# 48 Jimmie Johnson "Lowes Home Improvement" HMS

# 24 Jeff Gordon "Dupont Racing / Nicorette" HMS ( Lowes 2007 Christmas special release )

# 48 Jimmie Johnson "Lowes Home Improvement" HMS ( Lowes 2007 Christmas special release )

Special Builds

"Special Builds" refers to it being specfically designed to be a special promotion or only thru a special retailer, instead of a major retailer such as Kmart, Walmart, Target etc. Still these are Hobby Grades but need to be seperated from the major retailers list. Rare? I dont think they are. Hard to find? yea....but again these are pretty common on ebay. If you are looking for one, be patient, they do show up on ebay from time to time, most of the time with NO RESERVE.

# 55 Michael Waltrip "Napa Auto Parts" MWR

# 57 Brian Vickers "Ore-Ida "Tater Car" HMS

# 98 Paul Menards "Menards Racing" YMS

At the time of this posting... The original Base versions of the same drivers above are no longer being produced so as to make way for the more popular "Hobby Grade" 6th scale line of Rc cars. In 2009 and on NEW artwork for these Rc cars will be released as the Racing teams produce new artwork for their real race cars. So to keep up with current race car artwork designs, Teamup International will have new paint schemes for some of these. According to Teamup themselves this artwork can be subtle from a sponsor changed artwork, added or deleted sponsor to complete new artwork.

Spare Body Shells

Now also taking into consideration that this is a "Special Build" - Limited Production Rc car, new replacement body shells are going to be tought to find soon enough also. These cannot be purchased at the time of this posting. When they expect to be available is after January 2010. They should run about 36.00-49.00 plus shipping thru Teamup International. The C.O.T. version has a "color specific C.O.T. noses and rear bumpers" for either car available also. These are pretty easy to change out. These "color specific C.O.T. noses and rear bumpers" run about 8.00 a pair. If it were me and I couldnt wait to "race" mine around the neighborhood, Id be sure to have at least ONE or two spare body shells and "color specific C.O.T. noses and rear bumpers" for that new look while its on the shelf waiting for the "next race". If you need a copy of the parts order form, just drop me a note I can send you a copy via email.


Spare Parts / back of the box

Notice on the back of the box, it may seem to have spare parts. This ad is for re-ordering information only. This ad on the lower right hand side of the back of the boxes showing 6 extra frequency chips, suspension parts and spare tires. They DO NOT HAVE ALL 6 frequency chips in the box. There is NO SPARE sets of tires in the box either. There are NO spare suspension parts in the box either, again these can be purchased seperately. Just a specific set of tires that are allready on the car and 2 frequency chips for the car, a transmitter chip and reciever chip. (see next picture down on the left hand side near the transmitter)


Multiple Frequencies

These and other "Hobby Grade" and "Added Features" or "Updated Features-Version" Rc cars from Teamup International have 6 different frequency modules you can purchase seperatley. See above right hand picture. These also can be purchased for about 15.00-20.00 plus shipping thru Teamup International and or 

"Hobby Grade" or "Added Features" or "Updated Features-Version" are the same thing.

Which in a nutshell means your "Hobby Grade" or "Added Features" or "Updated Features-Version" will operate like the real race car with variable speeds and digital proportional steering or variable steering. Then the interchangeable frequencies so you can own identical cars and with the "frequency pack" race them (up to 7 cars) at the same time. With tiny bit of practice you can run very well with other cars.

Base Version refers to the first editions (2 different styles of Base versions) of Rc cars that Teamup International produced. They DO NOT turn gradually like the real race car. Either FULL RIGHT or FULL LEFT. The Speed control is either FULL SPEED forward or reverse. You can run only Two cars at the same time taking note the two frequencys 27 mghz and 49 mghz of DIFFERENT drivers cars. Not very easy to control. If it DOES NOT SAY "Hobby Grade" or "Added Features" or "Updated Features-Version" ON THE FRONT OF THE BOX, then its Base Version.

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I hope you enjoyed this review on this Paul Menards # 98 1-6th scale Hobby Grade Nascar Rc car .

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