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Painting A Day
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So you've heard about this Painting-A-Day phenomenon, but want to know what's really going on, and why everybody is so excited about it?

Begun by Duane Keiser in 2004, Painting-A-Day is the discipline of creating one new work of art every day, displaying them in the artist's blog or website, and offering them for sale online, typically through eBay.  With the goal of producing a complete and finished piece, these paintings tend to be smaller in dimension; usually less than 6"x8".  Since its beginning, dozens, if not hundreds, of artists worldwide have embraced the practice.  In its own way, Painting-A-Day has brought about a revolution in its corner of the art market, to the great excitement of artists and collectors alike.

While historically many artists have produced something on the order of one new work daily (especially those who regularly kept sketchbooks), Painting-A-Day is fundamentally different: Creative use of internet technology has transformed this into a totally new way of producing, displaying, and collecting art.  By combining the practice of daily production, blogging, and selling through eBay, artists have created a simple way for collectors to follow their work and purchase directly from them.  The affordability of these pieces also makes them tremendously attractive (and often times excellent investments!).  Because the artist is not paying the 50% consignment fee typical with traditional galleries, the savings is passed on to the collectors; there is currently much excellent small artwork available on eBay in the $100 to $200 range.

Their affordability and variety make Painting-A-Day pieces the ideal way to begin a fine art collection and enhance existing collections – even important ones.  Gregory Peterson, who has built one of the preeminent private collections of contemporary realist art, clearly recognizes this fact, and has acquired a dozen of Duane Keiser’s small paintings.  The unique and individual nature of Painting-A-Day works makes them meaningful and thoughtful gifts for family members, friends, and business associates.  In addition, their size makes them ideally suited for interior design projects where a small space is involved.

Following a Painting-A-Day series is by its very nature exciting and easy; every day is something new!  When you have found an artist you like, simply add their blog to your browser's favorites list, or add them to your Favorite Sellers on eBay.   Many artists also offer a signup for their email list right on their blog, so you can receive each day's new painting directly in your inbox.

Getting started couldn’t be easier.  Searching Google or your favorite search engine for Painting-A-Day, will give you many links to browse.  Most artists who blog maintain links to other artists’ sites, which is another good way to find your way around.  From that point on, simply watch, and of course, collect!

So… why are you still reading this?  Go see for yourself what all the excitement is about!

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