Padded Riding Glasses

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Padded Riding Glasses
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Foam Padded Riding Glasses

Wicked Night Driving Padded Sunglass

Padded sunglasses work just like goggles to prevent wind, dust and debris from getting to the eyes. They can be used to motorcycling, skydiving, skiing or any other sport or activity that you would like the protection of a goggle but not the bulk and weight.

Wiley-x is the largest and most popular originator of padded eyewear. Wiley-x does not allow it's authorized dealers to sell on eBay.

Foam padded riding glasses can be purchased on eBay from $9.99 to $250. on the low end the glasses are almost disposable on the high end replacement parts are available. Padded glasses come in many styles. lenes can be photochromic, polarized, standard or even prescripion. Some glasses have eyecups and removable foam that is replaceable.

Look for glasses that provide at least 99% UV protection. Examine your sellers reputation and location.

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