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Sometimes I browse through peoples feedback. I have found about three hundred folks I will not sell to and have put them in my blocked buyers list, additionally anyone that gives me a problem or tries to dicker on my prices get added to the list.  I'm over sixty now and am not in the mood put up with peoples junk. I have found as a seller that if you have not got a "PROOF OF DELIVERY" you are dead meat.  It is just matter of how much you want HOOEY you will put up with from buyers.

Believe me, the old story about the customer always being right for the most part is ancient history. ---

1)  The customer is always right------very questionable in 2010!

2)  The customer is not always right----but he is still the customer.

                              AND FINALLY

3) Some business is just ain't worth doing!

Just remember! If you are having a problem before the sale--you will have a problem after the sale.

Finally any seller that would like a list of people to avoid just ask!


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