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update: "golfbargins" retaliates by posting your PRIVATE info (name, address, etc) online. They did it to me and if you look at their neutral/negative reviews they did it to at least 1 other lady as well. That is highly ILLEGAL. If you value your personal info being kept private then stay away from these guys!

These little plastic stickers that apply to the driver face actually do not give any more carry distance, they lower distance because they absorb slightly more energy than a bare metal driver face would since the plastic absorbs some of the compression energy at impact. Harder materials transfer more energy, softer materials transfer less energy. Think of a golf ball landing on a padded rug or on concrete...it will bounce a lot higher off concrete than a rug because hard concrete absorbs less energy. The soft plastic sticker on the face lowers overall spin a little making the ball fly slightly straighter with less backspin. Once they hit the ground since there is a little less backspin they roll a couple yards farther so if you are playing on very fast fairways or a downhill sloping fairway then these will give you a bit  more overall distance, but less carry. If you are playing on med/slow fairways these will actually lower your overall distance. The reason for this is because with less backspin the ball will not stay in the air as long because less spin means less lift, and with less lift the ball drops to the fairway sooner. They do leave a gummy residue that only acetone or Goo-Gone can remove behind every spot a ball impacted on the driver's face which is very annoying. We are all induced to impulse buying from time to time with these catchy gimmicks so next time you see something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and there is probably a better/cheaper/faster way to do it than spending the money on their gimmick as shown below...

Waxing your driver face will eliminate even more spin than these sticky plastic sheets giving you better spin-reducing results without having to buy these expensive gimmicks and cut them out to the shape of your driver every round! A thin layer of wax also absorbs far less energy than a sheet of plastic so the ball will have a higher velocity off the driver's face. Waxing your driver face is also WAY CHEAPER (about 1/100 of a cent worth of wax), applies in less time than trying to position and cut a sticker, lasts longer (3-5 rounds, these stickers only last 1 round before tearing), AND IS NOT VISIBLE TO ANYONE if you just heat it (with a lighter, stove, etc) just enough to melt a thin layer on and wipe the excess off with a napkin. The stickers show a very distinctive ball mark every time you hit so after just a few hits everyone notices the sticker on the driver face. With wax the ball marks on the driver face look about the same as a normal bare driver face, but you reduce the spin by about 40%-80% depending on the thickness of wax and the ambient temperature! The stickers only reduce spin by about 10%-25%. I have tried both waxed and non-waxed drivers extensively for over 18 months playing 5 days/wk so I know exactly how they both work on about 35 courses all around CA, CO, and NV in temps of 55F-126F!

Save your money and stick with wax for a 2x-3x better effect, 1/1000 the cost, and no visible alterations like these stickers show and the gummy residue they leave! I guarantee you will see a better result with wax than stickers. I'd actually  give you the rest of the ones I bought so you could see for yourself but they aren't even worth the stamp it takes to send them compared to wax, and after all the horrible customer service I just pitched the rest of the stickers in the trash!


I purchased PolyMax Extremes from eBay "golfbargins" directly from Layerco company and one of the people who run the business sent me this EXTREMELY RUDE email when I asked him why he charged me $4.95 shipping when the postmark on the little hand-written envelope was only for 58 cents!:

My emails included some of the following:

Why are you angry at me for asking you why you charged me $4.95 shipping for a 58 cent envelope? The only thing I rated you low on was shipping charges (3 out of 5) but I still gave you the best positive overall feedback? I am very familiar with polyvinyl and other pliable plastic materials which can have adhesive backing applied to them and these PolyMax Extremes are nothing more than thin soft plastic with sticky back cut into neat little club face shapes. I can get 5-6 square foot rolls (720-864 square inches) of nearly identical material for the same price as these which only have a total area of only about 140 square inches. It's a neat marketing ploy and I'm not complaining because I clearly made the choice to purchase them from you. I am only disappointed that you would list the item's shipping charge so high ($4.95) when it was really so low (58 cents) and then be rude to me when I question this. If you want buyers to rate your shipping charges as "5-stars" then list the shipping charge as the actual cost you pay and increase the item's cost which would still be below the $14.99 price you claim they normally sell for. I was just hoping the items you were selling were more specialized than what it turned out to be.


golfbargains/LayerCo's email responses:

9-14-07  " We won't miss your business. But thanks for trying them out. 1,800 other buyers enjoy using them and the distance gained from them. READ THE FEEDBACKS, if it was a gimmic we wouldnt be in business. $4.95 for shipping and handling charges is fair. If you want something for nothing steal it! We don't rip off anyone. Its a great product and the company that produces them is doing well Thank you.
We suggest you purchase an illegal driver for the distance you are looking for. Golfbargins."

9-15-07  "We blocked you. Any bad publicity is always good. Thank you"

9-21-07  "golfbargains" just emailed me again today telling me they just reported this review to eBay's security department for "slander" against their product.
              How is telling the unbiased truth using exact data from hundreds of days of actual golf shots and showing their exact rude emails without all their "marketing
              spin" considered "slander"? And their last email to me even specifically stated, "any bad publicity is always good." so what's the problem? I
             gave them exactly what they asked for!


First off why would a business owner be so rude to a customer who just made a purchase?

Second, why would "golfbargains" tell me to "steal" something? Not only is that a very rude response, that's conspiracy to commit theft on their part by suggesting that I go steal something.

Third, I never said anything to him about wanting greater distance in any email so I don't know why he was so rude about that "buy an illegal driver" comment too?

Fourth, They came in a 4"x6" envelope with a 58 cent postmark with the address hand written on it! There was no expensive packaging or even a printed label!

Fifth, why would any business insult their buyers when all the buyer wanted to know is why the auction listed the shipping charge as $4.95 and it turned out to only be 58 cents? all I typed was "Why did you list the shipping as $4.95 when it only cost you 58 cents?"

Sixth, if anyone should be reported to the security department it should be "golfbargains" for continuing to harass me via dozens of emails more than 4 weeks after I made a purchase from them, and also in their auctions they post this exact phrase:

        "THE ONLY PRODUCT TO MAKE THE BALL SPIN FORWARD!"  <--- seriously, that's what was actually in all their auctions. Read all their ended auctions before 9/18/07 to see for yourself.

        Any golfer or anyone else with any knowledge of simple physics can tell you that all golf balls when struck with any golf club (except for mis-hits of course) have backspin on them. The backspin is what keeps the ball in the air during forward flight. If it had topspin it  would arc down to the ground very quickly just like Andre Aggasi's forehand tennis shot, or a ping-pong ball that arcs down to the table after a forehand smash.
        Update: "golfbargains" just changed their auctions after this review was posted because they knew the above statement they posted was a lie. A very poorly run and deceptive business any way you look at it. And they are trying to tell me I am the bad guy for pointing these lies out?

Seventh, one of golfbargains' employees/friends (splook0) actually went through the trouble of writing another guide with the same title as this one trying to make it sound like he was just a customer but it's obvious that it's just another one of their tactics to try to discredit this review. Try to discredit me all you want, the public is smart enough to know real physics from fiction. Wow golfbargains, it's amazing that you will still not admit that you are overcharging people for shipping, and being very rude and deceptive about all your shady business practices to boot. Shame on you.
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