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Welcome to the wonderful, wacky world of "fake" designer perfumes and fragrances, PART 2.  In this eBay guide, I am going to try and illustrate and explain how you can tell the difference between an AUTHENTIC and REAL bottle of Givenchy Amarige Eau de Toilette vs a FAKE bottle of Givenchy Amarige

Please read my other eBay guide titled:  WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF "FAKE" DESIGNER PERFUMES which details how many eBay sellers knowingly or unknowingly are selling designer perfumes and fragrances as real when in fact they are fake, counterfeit products.  I purchased a bottle of Chanel Chance from an eBay seller sometime ago and after I began to sell perfumes and fragrances myself, I realized that this bottle was definitely 100% fake and not authentic!

The best way to tell if your perfume is real and authentic is to buy only from reputable sources!  Of course, we all want a GREAT DEAL and most perfumes and fragrances are not discounted at major department stores.  Some of the smaller perfume retail stores and online websites specializing in perfumes and fragrances are able to pass along a small savings to you as well as reputable eBay sellers who BUY THEIR PERFUME PRODUCTS from sources that have a long history of selling only authentic and real products.  That is the case with the perfumes I now sell!  My supplier has been in business selling perfumes and fragrances for 30 years!!! 

I have a family member who only wears Givenchy Amarige as her preferred fragrance.  If anyone is an expert on this fragrance, she is!  We took two bottles of Amarige and compared them next to each other and took photos to illustrate the subtle differences that an unsuspecting buyer might not see unless they had a bottle of the real perfume next to a bottle of the fake perfume.  Of course, the fragrance itself is usually one good clue and indicator and if the scent does not seem right, not strong enough, not lasting enough (the fake perfumes usually wear off in an hour or so) or smells strongly of alcohol, I can pretty much assure you it is a fake bottle of perfume. 

Here are a list of things and photos to prove what we noticed different between the two bottles....(PLEASE NOTE:  In all of the photos the REAL Givenchy Amarige is on the LEFT and the FAKE Givenchy Amarige is on the RIGHT):

1.  The color of the actual perfume is different.  The authentic perfume is a golden color and the fake has an peach colored hue.  Take a look at the acid etched fronts on each of the bottles.  See how different they are?


2.  The packaging and even the cellophane shrinkwrap is different on the authentic perfume vs the fake perfume.  Look at these 2 boxed Amarige perfumes compared next to each other?  Can you tell the REAL vs the FAKE??? REMEMBER....all of my photos show the REAL perfume on the LEFT and the fake on the RIGHT!!!  Look at the lettering especially where it says AMARIGE and GIVENCHY on the backs of the boxes.  The boxes are slightly different colors too and the cellophane shrinkwrap is thinner on the fake bottle. 

3.  Take a look at the small details....the writing of the name of the perfume on it the same color?  Is it the same size and style of font?  Take a look at the cap or cover on the bottle and pay special attention to the inside of the cap?  Check the labeling on the bottom of the bottle?  Is it different on each of the bottles?  Check the box and cellophane wrapping?  Even these things are not copied very well by counterfeit perfume makers.  These are the clues that are dead giveaways if the perfume is real or fake because the counterfeiters only concern themselves with the big, more noticeable features and fail to exactly copy the smaller details on the bottle and packaging.

4.  Look at the interior of the caps.  Can you see the one on the left has a well-defined notch and the one on the right does not?  If you look at the notches on the actual bottles you will see subtle differences too.

I hope you have found this guide and photos helpful and if so PLEASE VOTE YES!!!!!

BE CAREFUL - CAUTIOUS  and most of all BE AN EDUCATED buyer when you purchase designer perfumes.  Check these details carefully and check your seller's feedback rating to be sure they do not have negative feedback for selling fake perfumes.  This certainly was a learning experience for me too and I hope this helps others make better buying decisions!



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