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Before starting Orovo Detox, I was a soda addicted, chronic dieter that thought running one mile a day as my only source of exercise was impressive.  I was tired a lot of the time, but I honestly thought that was normal.  And so I drank more soda and more caffeine to make it through my day.

I came to the point of drinking 5 cans of coke every day and still feeling worn out by the middle of the day.  that's when my best friend suggested I try Orovo Detox.  The first week was pretty bad.  I made the mistake of trying to quit soda the same week.  But after that, it honestly got easier every week.

I slowly weened myself off of caffeine and soda, and now all the liquid I drink is water.  I feel energized to get through the day, and I recently ran my first marathon.  So I definitely no longer live under the impression that one mile is really good.  since the marathon, I now continue to run at least 10 miles each day, and I have now lost 27 pounds, and who knows how many pounds I Have gained in muscle.  In short, I can't say enough about what Orovo Detox has done for me.  They say you don't know how much you're missing if you've never had something in the first place.  That was definitely true for me.

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