Oregon Scientific SE102 LS WiFi Heart Rate Monitor

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Oregon Scientific SE102 LS WiFi Heart Rate Monitor
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This is a brief review of the Oregon Scientific SE102 LS Heart Rate Monitor with Wireless Chest Band Sensor. A few of the issues buyers experience with the watch and sensor are covered here. Instructions on how to use and care for this product is available from the Oregon Scientific Website. (Web search: Oregon-Scientific-SE102-Heart-Rate-Monitor.data . Look for 'oregonscientific')

The chest sensor is far more accurate than wrist and finger style sensors. Most chest sensors are compatible with WiFi treadmill electronics and with other programmable WiFi compatible exercise equipment. The equipment picks up the signal and adapts it to the relevant exercise programs.

There have been several consumer complaints concerning what seems a major issue with the watch that involves buttons sticking or not activating the function. This is usually the problem when care was not used when returning the module to the watchcase after replacing the battery. It can happen at the redistribution center, a store, or the consumer replacing the battery. The module must be returned to the case being careful not to bend the small metal contacts on the watch module.
  • First, check the buttons on the case to insure they have not been pressed into the watch. If some have use your finger nail or a small tool to move the tiny metal rod back to the open position, (flush with the inside of the watch case.)
  • Carefully place the module with the display facing correctly into the case, then place the back cover with the writing on it facing the same direction as the front of the watch, and all should work as intended.

Another common problem is the tap function to activate the chest sensor is not working. So often, it is simply that the tap function has not been set to 'ON' in the setup menu. See the instruction manual download at the  oregonscientific.com website mentioned earlier in this review for activating this function.

The chest sensor either works or it doesn't. A common problem is the sensor does not pick up a signal. Placement over the heart is important, and it can take some time for sweat under the sensor to accumulate and for the sensor to then conduct the signal from the heart. That delay can be eliminated by spreading saliva on the sensor back contact points. Sensor gel is available at pharmacies and works well. Although the watch manual may suggest water, water does not usually contain enough salt to work very well.

A problem I had with the SZ 905 chest censor that came with my watch is that it was defective, would work for a while after jiggling the battery, then quit. Took a few hours of frustration trying to get the sensor to work before giving up on it.
  • Customer service can be more important than saving a few dollars on a product purchase.

I purchase often on Ebay and at other major stores websites. About 5 to sometimes 10-percent of my purchases in a given month on Ebay can end up defective items. It is important to check the feedback on the seller before making a purchase. Too many negative feedback’s is an obvious clue to pass on that seller's great deal this time.

Ebay is effective and fairly quick at helping to resolve common issues, but the hassle sometimes is not worth the trouble. When an item is very expensive, it may be the best call to buy that item from a local store when it is on sale. Many stores online sales accept returns at your local store without any hassles. That level of service may be more important than the savings when buying from an online auction.

There are an incredible number of items available on Ebay that can not be found locally. To Ebay's credit is that some sellers offer full refunds, including shipping on their defective products. That level of service takes away much of the frustration when buying online.

Hope this review helps with your shopping experiences on Ebay. ~ jmk675
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