Open Source Software Software is not Pirated or Illegal

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Open Source Software is not Pirated or Illegal

I have received 2 Negative Feedback from users claiming I am selling illegal copies of software or movies. This is not true All items I sell are either open source, public domain, or freeware, (see my other guides) items that have a license that grants me the right to make copies and sell these items I burn my own copies and place a text label on the disks and then sell them.

First question may be what is open source software?
This definition comes from wikipedia:

Open source software (OSS) began as a marketing campaign for free software. OSS can be defined as computer software for which the human-readable source code is made available under a copyright license (or arrangement such as the public domain) that meets the Open Source Definition. This permits users to use, change, and improve the software, and to redistribute it in modified or unmodified form. It is very often developed in a public, collaborative manner. Open source software is the most prominent example of open source development and often compared to user generated content. A report by Standish Group says that adoption of open source has caused a drop in revenue to the proprietary software industry by about $60 billion per year.

60 Billion a year. That is some serious stuff so what does it mean?

Open Source software is often written by a group of volunteers and released as a free copyrighted program.
Free does not always mean free as in free shipping but in free from the constraints of commercial software licenses. If you buy Windows XP you purchase one copy and can only legally use it on one computer. If you copy it to a second computer you have broke the law. However if you purchase a copy of Linux from an eBay seller you can install it on 1 billion computers and have not broke any laws, also if you have 1 billion computers I need a few! Another alternative is to find a Linux program and download it an install it and hope it works and that the software is not messing up anything. Or you can pay a minimal fee to someone like myself and get a copy of Linux or other Open Source Software and install it from a CD or in some cases run it from the CD before you install it. Try that with windows.

I sell alternative software to commercial products. This does not mean that they are the same this means alternative to... Something to use instead of a commercial program. For example I sell Celtx Version 1.0 as an alternative to Final Draft Pro. You can spend $239.00 on Final Draft Pro and you will be able to install it on one computer only. There is nothing wrong with that and Final Draft Pro is an excellent program. It has many great features and is truly a leader in its field. I do not know about all of you but I hate spending hundreds of dollars on software. So I scoured the internet and found Celtx. It also is a great piece of software. It is freely available for download, or you can purchase a copy from someone that is the latest version and virus free, and in my case has been bundled with other programs that are very useful. You can also install it on one or one billion computers.

I sell it for $9.99 with free shipping. Think of it this way. I find the software and make sure that it is what it says it is, I make sure that it is virus free and spyware and adware free. I copy it to a CD and send it right to you with 18 other programs that can be used just like Celtx. all for $9.99

All you can do with Final Draft Pro is write screenplays When you purchase Celtx from me you get Celtx and a complete office suite that can read and write Microsoft Office files and a Drawing program and a 3d Animation program and A web browser that is far superior to Internet Explorer (In my opinion) and more.

So you get Final Draft Pro and you want to write a screenplay with your buddy down the street well guess what he need to buy a copy of Final Draft Pro or he could copy yours but that is illegal. So you buy my disk and you install it, then give it to your friend and he installs it and then he gives it to his brother who is in college and he gives it to everybody in his class and they each give it to 5 people who give it to 5 people etc.. and no laws have been broken it is all legal!

Ok you do not get a fancy package or a fancy disk but it is still a brand new disk and a fresh copy that is burned from my computer and packaged in a jewel case and sent to you.

I hope that this explains a little better what Open Source Software is.

So check it out. It is a great inexpensive and often compatible with commercial software and you can share it with your friends and family or give it to a complete stranger and you have not broken any laws!

Many Open Source Software packages are not that great they are still being developed and are shall we say worth the disk space they take up. I scour the Internet and find those programs and weed them out and only sell programs that I feel are worth having. Most Open Source Software is always under development. Then again so is windows and they release them as new versions that you have to pay for... Open Source is updated and freely available when this takes place.

Some Open Source Software is Fantastic and as good as if not better than their commercial counterparts. (I think Celtx is one of them as is open office) They should be sold they are that good but the beauty of Open Source is that they usually are free or very cheap most ask only for donations or offer some other services for a fee to support the project. All the software I sell has a customized installer program on the disk that is also Open Source I can use it for free with every disk I sell. (Just another example) I found it after trying over 75 different installer programs. It does not do everything I like so I email the people who made it and asked them in the future to add the ability to add my Logo to the software. It will probably be implemented. That is the next item for Open Source Software, usually you have a support forum or direct email to the people that run the project and can ask for the changes you would like and they are taken seriously by the developers. They will not allways make the changes you suggest but you can be sure that they are considering it. Commercial Software usually does some reasearch to find what they think people want but do not take one little comment serious (in my opinion) and that is important to many users. By suggesting changes you are in fact contributing to the development of the software. (We cannot all be programmers)

So overall I think that if you can afford it and do not mind it go with commercial software but we all shop on eBay for good - Great DEALS and many Open Source Software offers just that.

Check out our items  Search for DuxAudio Books or other Open Source Sellers but beware if a seller does not admit they are selling open source software and they are.


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