Oh No My Hair is Grey! For Blondes

Oh No My Hair is Grey! For Blondes
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You've heard it...lavender blonde. It means white blonde, a colour devoid of yellow. But we all secretly love it.

When your hair turns too yellow after dying it blonde we all know (or should) that you simply buy a purple shampoo from your local beauty supply store or even the Joico one and it will even out the colour nicely. But what about those times when you tried white chocolate 111 but it came out granny style almost blue grey blonde...what do you do?!

Fist of all...if you hair is stringy and snapping you will want to go to a salon right away. If your hair is still nice in texture but crazy in colour this is all you do.

1. Take your conditioner, I recommend anything for blonde. John Frieda Blonde. I personally love Redken Blonde Glam.
2. Take a lemon. Just a lemon. Maybe a few depending on how much hair you have. Cut the lemon in slices but leave the whole lemon in tact.
3. Either put the juice in your conditioner bottle or put the juice on your hair after putting conditioner all over it. The acidic-ness of a lemon and it's yellow colouring will even out the grey and turn it white or golden white blonde.
4. Use the lemon conditioner over a period of time for it to continue washing away the grey.
5. I don't think this works for people who just have grey hair, but I have not tried it.

Flee blondes, flee, and be beautimous!
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