Nordic Track TRL 625 Exercise Bike

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  • After a trip to the ER after being diagnosed with a "minor stroke," I decided that I must do something. I have been relatively healthy for the most part of my life with a very DEEP, DEEP hereditary of heart and stroke problems on my Dad's side of the family. So, I have settled on a healthy diet and exercise. So, I suppose, I’m controlling this cholesterol thing the proper way. I knew I wanted an exercise bike and that it had to fit in my den and be positioned in front of the television. Yes. I’m lazy. In fact, I didn’t even know where to look for such equipment.  I searched Craisgslist and searched Craigslist and was blessed to find the Nordic Track TRL 625.  The three things that sold me on the bike were the substantial seat, the sturdy construction, and the comfortable pedal angle. So I snatched up the bike and went on my merry way.  I got a fantastic deal by the way.

  • The Features

  • The Nordic Track has a ton of features. On first look, the large LCD panel is most noticeable. Also of note is the aforementioned comfortable seat. Easily adjustable, the unit can be made to work with a whole family of fitness-types. But there are many more perks that have made this ergonomically designed exercise bike a worthwhile buy. In plain English my favorite are as follows: - Two cup holders - Blood pressure monitor - Four pre-programmed routines - Adjustable resistance - Easy-to-adjust, comfortable seat - Calorie, fat calorie, mile, and time monitors - Side-seat handles - Recumbent design The Workout With a single push of a pedal, the TRL 625 powers on. From there, it is easy to choose your method of fitness. You can choose to adhere to one of four set routines ranging from 20-30 minutes. These require the rider to keep pace with a “coach” as shown on the LCD panel. Also, riders may choose to simply pedal without any precise goal in mind aside from those personally set. The display makes this a very simple process by providing rotating stats about calories burned, fat calories burned, distance gone, and time elapsed. You can decide to view any of these stats at any time during your workout without losing any information. Also, with a simple reach forward with both hands it is a breeze to test your pulse rate. Pedaling is simple. The pedals are wide and include a toe strap to keep your foot firmly in place. The toe strap is easily adjusted and requires no special tools (nor does the adjustment of the seat). Overall, the seat is comfortable. I have pretty weak lower back, and have some minor discomfort. But the back of the seat is high enough to properly support me as best as I could expect. There are handles on either side of the machine to aid in balance and need be. In addition, riders can prop a magazine or thin book on the built-in stand on the LCD panel.

  • Downsides?

  • Honestly there are very few negative things to be said about my Nordic Track. So the Nordic Track is a relative bargain for people not wanting cheap but not willing to spend a small fortune.

  • Recommendation

  • If you can track a Nordic Track TRL 625 down, it is most definitely worth checking out. Although, my suspicion is that we were about the last to get the model a few months ago. It seems that Sears is now carrying a similar, yet updated one by the name of Nordic Track SL 720. It has more features, but seems to be very similar to my model. Thus far, I am happy with my purchase and pleased with the fitness results. I have not had it long but my plans are to ride for 45 minutes a day until I feel more sturdy on my feet.

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