Nokia Unlock Code / Restriction Code

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Nokia Unlock Code / Restriction Code
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What does it mean when your phone is locked?

When your phone is locked, it will only work with the original providers SIM card. For example, if you bought your phone from Cingular, it will only work with Cingular SIM cards.

What it means to unlock your phone?

Unlocking your phone means that you unlock it from the Service Provider/Carrier that it is locked to. For instance, when VODAFONE UK sells you a NOKIA, that NOKIA is locked to VODAFONE UK and can not be used with another provider such as CINGULAR in the USA. Unlocking lets this happen.

Why should you unlock your phone?

  • Use your NOKIA with any GSM network & any SIM card worldwide.
  • Save money on roaming fees by purchasing "PAY-AS-YOU-GO" sim cards in the foreign country
  • Increase the RESALE VALUE!!! of your phone by at least 25%
  • No need to send your phone away - UNLOCK REMOTELY !!! from home!
  • Easy step by step instructions!

What Nokia phones can be unlocked ?

About every Nokia phones can be unlocked except :

  • CDMA and TDMA phones cannot be unlocked.
  • The newest models cannot be unlocked, such as the BB5 models which are 6630, 6680, N70, N90 and N91.

Why information is required?

  • Nokia Model
  • IMEI number ( Press *#06# in ur phone)
  • Network and Country your phone is locked to
  • Any codes used in the past

How is the code entered?

The code is entered using the keypad of the mobile phone. No cables are required. And you can do it at home on your own.

How can you purchace an Unlock Code for your Nokia ?

You can purchace a code by clicking the following link:

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