Nokia 5230 and Nokia 5230 Nuron Big 3G Difference

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There are a variety of device types all using the 5230 marketing name. The two most commonly seen on eBay in the US are the 5230-1c Nuron (Type RM-593) and the 5230-1B (RM-594). In the user guide for the Canada 5230 Nokia explains it this way:

"The wireless device described in this guide is approved for use on the (E)GSM 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 and WCDMA 850, 1700-2100 (RM-593) or (E)GSM 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 and WCDMA 850 and 1900 (RM-594)."

In addition to the two types mentioned in the Canadian user guide there are also two additional types.

The Nokia 5230 (Type:RM-588 for Latin America)
The Nokia 5230-1d (Type:RM-629 for Brazil)

  • Have some or all WCDMA bands 850 MHz, 1900 MHz and 2100 MHz
  • Does not have WCDMA band 1700-2100 AWS
  • The FCC Designation is LJPRM-588 or LJPRM-629.

These are correctly identified as the 5230 and sometimes, about a dozen listings at a time, mis-identified as the Nuron or unlocked Nuron.

The Nokia 5230-1c Nuron (Type: RM-593) Product Code 002P9H9

  • is a quadband GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz device.
  • It has WCDMA bands 850 MHz and 1700/2100 MHz AWS.
  • The FCC designation for this model is LJPRM-593.

This will work on T-Mobile US 3G networks at 3G speed. It will also work on Wind Canada.

T-Mobile and Wind Canada employ the 1700/2100 MHz AWS band for 3G. T-Mobile uses GSM 1900 MHz for 2G connections. In order for your device to use T-Mobile 3G it has to have 1700/2100 MHz AWS band enabled.
This device without the Nuron name and without "T-Mobile" on the face is available from Wind in Canada in both white and black. It is designated the 5230-1c.

AT&T and many other carriers use the 850 MHz and/or 1900 MHz WCDMA band for 3G connections. In Oklahoma City my Nuron with the SIM restriction removed operates on the AT&T 3G network.


How to Tell The Difference?

Is It The 5230 Nuron?

 Nokia 5230 Nuron Box  and Box Label

  • Look at the device label in the battery compartment. The T-Mobile version will have "Type: RM-593" on the device label
  • The device label will list the Model as 5230-1c
  • Look at the front of the phone. "T-Mobile" will be below the three keys at the bottom of the front.
  • Look at the original box. The T-Mobile version is white with a T-Mobile logo on it.
  • Look at the original box label.  002P9H9 is the designation on the label for the Nuron. The model will be listed as NOK 5230.
  • Turn on the phone. The "Stick Together" welcome screen is part of the T-Mobile branded firmware.
  • The Nuron is always white.

Is it the Wind 5230-1c?

Because the Wind Canada appearance seems to be identical to the 52301-B the only way of knowing if you are getting the 5230-1c
or the 5230-1B is to ask the seller to check the device label. The Wind Canada 5230-1c will be Type: RM-593. It may be white or

Is It The 5230-1B or 5230-1d?


Nokia 5320-1B Box and Box Label

  • Look at the device label in the battery compartment. The 5230 will have "Type: RM-594" or "RM-588", or "RM-629" on it.
  • Look at the original box. The 5230 comes in a blackish box with multi-color disks looking designs on it.
  • Look at the front of the phone. Below the three keys on the front there is no writing.
  • Look at the original box label. FCC Equipment Authorization LJPRM594, or LJPMRM-588 or LJPMRM-629 will be on the label; 
  • The model will be 5230-1B  NOKNA if LJPRM-594; 5230 if LJPRM-588 or 5230-1d if LJPRM-629.
  • Turn on the device. The "NOKIA" name and then the clasped hands will appear. After this the phone boots directly to the home screen. The "Stick Together" emblem does not appear.
  • May have 002P2W7 on box label.
  • Other variants will have different Nokia Product Numbers other than 002P2W7
  • It may be white or black


All phones will make phone calls on any GSM network. The difference is "which is going to be best for 3G reception on your provider's network?"  If you are with AT&T you'll want the  5230-1b. If you are with T-Mobile you'll want the Nuron.


Service Provider Lock on The Nuron

All New-sealed Nurons are going to have the service provider lock engaged. This will prevent you from using a non-T-Mobile SIM in the device. To use it with any GSM carrier you need to remove the SIM restriction.

  • Have a paid up current account. If prepay you will need to have bought minutes in the last 30 days.
  • Enter *#06# and write down the IMEI number
  • Have a reason for wanting the SIM restriction removed. "I will be going to an area without T-Mobile service." for example.
  • Call 611 and talk to a person
  • Ask to have the SIM restriction removed.
  • Give them the IMEI
  • Tell them the make and model of your phone "Nokia Nuron"
  • Give them a valid e-mail address so they can e-mail the instructions and unlock code.

In less than three days you will receive an e-mail that looks something like this:

T-Mobile Sim Unlock Request
Sim Unlock Reference:  38nnnnn
IMEI:  359341nnnnnnnnn

Unlock Code:  nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. Below you will see the Instructions for unlocking your Nokia device.

NOTE: If you receive an error message while performing the instructions below, stop. Please be aware that if an excessive amount of incorrect attempts are made, the phone will be permanently locked. Verify the IMEI by pressing *#06# and submit a new request. Please be sure to also include the city and state of purchase and what carrier's logo is displayed on the bottom of the faceplate.

1. Press #
2. Press * three times = P
3. Press * four times = W
4. Press * twice = +
5. Enter the unlock code
6. Press * twice = +
7. Press 1, then # and the display should read "SIM Restriction Off"

It really is that simple. No need to pay $20.00 to get it unlocked if you have your bill paid and haven't had one unlocked in three months.

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