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NiteRider Pro 600 / Pro 1200 - Review - Upgrade?

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UPDATE: NiteRider DOES NOT permit sales of their product on eBay!  NiteRider does not allow sales on eBay and they will VOID your Warranty if you buy one on eBay!  Call NiteRider at 1.800.466.8366 to verify this policy.

HOWEVER, we can still save you a bunch of money on these lights if you buy them directly from us not through our eBay site; We can email you a PayPal invoice (if you have a confirmed shipping address with PayPal).
  Feel Free to call our store at 949-436-9702 or email us at ebay@ShopSpeedHouse.com for your best price.

To keep this short, sweet, and to the point we will put this review into a bullet format rather than a bunch of long winded subjective text that you have to wade through and try to decipher.  Also, the conclusion of everyone here at PartsDiscounter that has tried this light is that it and it's bigger brother the Pro 1200 are the best products made for mountain bike lighting as of November 2009.

Pro 600 vs Tri-Newt LED:
  • Beams
    • TriNewt: Excellent Flood Pattern
    • Pro 1200: Excellent Flood Pattern AND Awesome Spot Pattern
    • Pro 600: Excellent Flood Pattern
    • WINNER: Pro 1200
    • Explanation: The Pro 1200 just dominates the other two lights here.
  • Light Temp / Color
    • TriNewt: Always the same, regardless of how rough the ride
    • Pro 1200: Always the same, regardless of how rough the ride
    • Pro 600: Always the same, regardless of how rough the ride
    • Explanation: Same consistent color temperature in each light is the result of the physics of an LED compared to old school HID's and Halogen bulbs
  • Light Output
    • TriNewt: Up to 490 Lumens
    • Pro 1200: Up to 1200 Lumens
    • Pro 600: Up to 600 Lumens
    • WINNER:  Pro 1200
    • Explanation:  100% More Output than the Pro 600 and 145% more than the TriNewt!!!
  • Run Time
    • TriNewt: 3.5-7 HR (2 levels)
    • Pro 1200: 2.5 - 64 HR (Infinitely Adjustable Via Software!)
    • Pro 600: 4.0 - 48 HR (Infinitely Adjustable Via Software!)
    • WINNER: Pro 1200
    • Explanation: While both the Pro 1200 and Pro 600 are infinitely adjustable via software the Pro 1200 has a broader range. What does adjustable mean? The user can set the desired run time (brightness adjusts accordingly) for EACH of 6 settings on 4 different programs for a total of 24 light levels!
  • Charge Time
    • TriNewt: 4 HR
    • Pro 1200: 4.5 HR
    • Pro 600: 3.5 HR
    • WINNER: Pro 1200
    • Explanation: What, it takes longer to charge, how is it a winner?  Well, the Pro 1200 has a larger capacity battery so of course it takes longer to charge but if you charge it for the same 3.5 hours as the Pro 600 and run it at the same 600 Lumens of output, it will RUN LONGER than the Pro 600 so run time vs. charge time is superior in the Pro 1200 FOR THE SAME LIGHT OUTPUT.
  • Weight
    • TriNewt: 519 grams
    • Pro 1200: 812 grams
    • Pro 600: 605 grams
    • DRAW
    • Explanation: What, it can't be a draw!  The TriNewt is lighter right?  Well it is a draw because the Pro 1200 and Pro 600 revert back to the "Tried and True" mounting system instead of the problematic (although lightweight) "Rubber Band" system that NiteRider switched to on the TriNewt series lights.  Coupled with a larger capacity batteries, the newly revisited "old" mount, make the Pro 1200 and Pro 600 light systems about 294 grams and 86 grams (respectively) heavier but worth every gram!  So you see, it the added weight really isn't that much of a penalty when you consider WHAT CAUSED the added weight!
  • Cheesy Rubber Band Handlebar Mount
    • TriNewt: Yes
    • Pro 1200: No
    • Pro 600: No
    • WINNER: Pro 1200 and Pro 600
    • Explanation: NiteRider decided to implement this cheesy rubber strap mounting system on their TriNewt line.  The idea is great for small lightweight lights like the MiNewt but it fails frequently and the lights tend to "Droop" on the handlebars in really rough terrain when using heavier lights like the TriNewt. Thankfully, NiteRider reverted back to their prior design for the Pro 1200 and Pro 600 which was Rock Solid!
  • Reliability
    • TriNewt: The Light and Battery are great; the Mounting system is CRAP and is failure prone.
    • Pro 1200: The Light, Battery, and Mounting system are all great!
    • Pro 600: The Light, Battery, and Mounting system are all great!
    • WINNER: Pro 1200 and Pro 600
    • Explanation: The Pro 1200 and Pro 600 have brought together the best of NiteRider Lights over the last 4 years into an awesome package with a host of new technology and added features!
  • Battery Indicator
    • TriNewt: 4 step gauge using 2 LEDs
    • Pro 1200: 8 step gauge using 4 LEDs
    • Pro 600: 8 step gauge using 4 LEDs
    • WINNER: Pro 1200 and Pro 600
    • Explanation: Easier to see just how much battery life you have left.  Imagine if your car only had Full, 3/4, 1/2, and Empty... that is pretty much what the TriNewt has!
  • Headband Compatible
    • TriNewt: NO
    • Pro 1200: YES
    • Pro 600: YES
    • WINNER: Pro 1200 and Pro 600
    • Explanation: Finally!!! No need for a teeny tiny little Petzl on your head when you can DESTROY the campground with your bike light!  The cool thing is, on the Pro 1200 and Pro 600 you can set up a "Dim" setting for wearing around the camp at night or for hanging the light in your tent and you will have ridiculously long run times on the lower setting!
  • Battery Mount
    • TriNewt: Strap Around the Battery
    • Pro 1200: Strap on the Mount and the Battery can be released leaving the mount on the bike... great for Night Riding Season when every ride is at night or for 24 hour races that need quick battery swaps.
    • Pro 600: Strap on the Mount and the Battery can be released leaving the mount on the bike... great for Night Riding Season when every ride is at night or for 24 hour races that need quick battery swaps.
  • The Bottom Line
    • TriNewt: Good stepping stone while LED technology was evolving but now it is outdated technology
    • Pro 1200: This thing DESTROYS the trails with light.  There are no dark spots when you ride and if you run a MiniUSB Plus on your helmet too you can look around the tight corners while keeping the Pro 1200 low on your bars to minimize the glare from dust and maximize contrast of the bumps instead of "washing them out" from a light on your head.
    • Pro 600: Although seriously bright and more than enough light for even the fastest rider, most of us here are gluttons for light when we are riding so we almost always grab the Pro 1200 when we go ride... HOWEVER, when we race the 24 hour races we grab the Pro 600 just because that extra 207 grams (almost a 1/2 pound) upgrade to the Pro 1200 makes a big difference when you start spending serious hours in the saddle.  For training and for our regular night rides though the Pro 1200 just can't be beat!
    • GET A PRO 1200 or PRO 600 ASAP!  Once you ride with someone that has one of these lights, you will never want to ride again at night until you have one too.
    • The future is here and it is only going to get better but we have no complaints with this light; Now we are all running one MiNewt Mini-USB Plus on our helmets and either a Pro 600 or a Pro 1200 on our Bars depending on where we are riding... this setup throws more light than my truck puts on the road and we sell both lights as a combo for less than just the Pro 600 at retail!  And we even ship for FREE!!!
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We can Sell this to you for SIGNIFICANTLY LESS if you buy direct so that we don't have to charge you for the ridiculous eBay fees.  eMail us at eBay@ShopSpeedHouse.com for details and a quote.

Please Vote "Yes"... If you found this guide at all helpful.
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