Nine Flags Cologne by Colton

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Nine Flags Cologne by Colton
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The Nine Flags men’s cologne collection came out in 1965, it was still being sold well into the early 1970s. It was distributed by the Colton company of Boston, Massachusetts and was marketed by Gillette in the United Kingdom.

Each bottle held 2fl oz of cologne and was ball shaped and had a long neck covered with a brushed aluminum screw cap. The name of the cologne is on the bottle part of the cap and on the label on the base.

This ingenious collection was full of international flair and each cologne was named after its own country and scent. Each scent was tinted with a different color. I have also seen these in atomizer bottles, but more commonly in the splash type bottles.

Even commercials of the day featured such scenes as ethnic sexy women talking about which country has the best after shave lotion. Other commercials featured a sexy Italian couple, German couple and Swedish couple.

These colognes are still very popular amongst men today and command very high prices on eBay. Prices range from $75-$350 for a single bottle.


The following countries/scents make up the Nine Flags Collection:


  • Lichtenstein-Wild Cedar
  • Luxembourg
  • America-Mountain Green
  • Hong Kong-Patcham
  • Brazil-Aromatic Tabac
  • England-Royal Saddle
  • France-Panache
  • Sweden-Clear Spruce
  • Ireland-Green Moss
  • Germany-Live Oak
  • Spain-Manzanilla
  • Italy-Dry Citrus
  • Morocco-Sea Amber

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