Nice and Easy Pasta Salad Recipe

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Nice and Easy Pasta Salad Recipe
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You may notice by now that I am into Quick & Easy types of recipes. Being a mother of six kids (the youngest two are under 4 years old and only 15 months apart) and having a very picky eater for a husband, I have to have a wealth of recipes that are fast to make and loved by my crowd.

Fabulous Pasta Salad Recipe:

Bow tie pasta

Tomato, chopped

Feta cheese (I like the tomato & basil flavored)

Italian Salad Dressing (I like the Ceasar Italian flavored)

Cook the bow tie pasta according to package directions. While draining, rinse with cold water and drain again. Add tomato and feta cheese, mix lightly. Cover with italian dressing and stir. Cover and chill.

This salad is very versatile! Add chunks of chicken, shrimp or beef. Add lettuce. Top with parmesan. You are only limited by your imagination!



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