New Seller Tools-Getting started selling on ebay SAHM

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New Seller Tools-Getting started selling on ebay SAHM
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Hi, my name is Katrina and I sell on ebay. I sell auction style listings through Thecleanbee. I am a stay at home mom, domestic engineer, and an ebay seller. For those of us with hectic busy lifestyles, Turbo Lister is a God send! I can not count the number of times I am interrupted during the day between phone calls, dryer buzzing, and the call out from my lil princess, "Mommy, I'm Hungry". I would not be able to keep the balls up in the air (a few still fall from time to time) if it weren't for Turbo Lister! So if you are a stay at home mom looking to make some extra cash, or if you have a full time/part time job and want to supplement your income; I strongly recommend utilizing Turbo Lister! Why not, it's FREE! Turbo Lister Download Link

Here is a list & details of items needed to start selling: Turbo Lister, Camera, Background ('s), Picture editing software, Postal Scale, Photobucket, Auction Templates, Printer, Paypal, Iron or Wrinkle Release for clothing sales.A Decent Camera (I use a 6 megapixel), Background's(Optional) I went to Lowes and bought a big piece of sturdy foam and attached a black piece of fabric to it with a staple gun. If I am taking pictures of dark items, I have a piece of Tan fabric that I drape over that. Bed Linens work as well, just make sure they are not patterned as to not distract form what you are selling. Many seller just use their Floor which I have done and is fine too, just make sure it is clean! Picture editing software such as Nero, Microsoft Picture it (you might be able to find some free on the Internet), Postal Scale ( I used my bathroom scale before getting my Postal Scale), Photobucket (it is FREE), this is so helpful to upload your pictures and have as many Picture's in your listing as you desire because lots of pictures equals lots of bids! Not mandatory, but if you would like to have the pretty Auction templates, there are some free ones online like Auctiva and there are some great ebay sellers that sell Beautiful templates like: Skivvydoodles, there is Seller Sourcebook, they have really great Gymboree templates, however there is a fee for their templates. Printer to print Packing slips, invoices and Shipping labels through Paypal. I used to make the 4:30 Insane dash to the nearest post office and let me tell you, I DON'T Miss that! Paypal (not mandatory, but extremely helpful) is as wonderful as Turbo Lister! Last but not least if selling clothing, an Iron, or at least buy some Downy Wrinkle Release! My biggest pet peeve as a buyer is to pull up a listing to find bunched up WRINKLED CLOTHING! Isn't the point of selling on ebay to make money and the most that you can out of each and every item? My second biggest pet peeve as a buyer is to pull up a listing and have to turn my head sideways to look at an item! ATTENTION SELLERS, Rotate your picture's!!!!!! Another Tip: Research on ebay the item('s) you are going to list, this will help you determine your starting price and if you click on completed listings as well you can see what the item(s') Sold for(Final Bid) Marketplace Research through Terapeak is also a Free Ebay tool that can give you detailed information about the best times to sell specific items. Selling on ebay can be time consuming, hopefully the above steps can save you some time and get you started in the right direction. Good Luck and HAPPY EBAYING!!! Please check out my Auction site.

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