New Sandblast Cabinet Tool Air Compressor Sand Blast

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New Sandblast Cabinet Tool Air Compressor Sand Blast
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I bought this sandblast cabinet from lavoyroad, who happens to be a Ebay power seller. I used the buy it now option and paid for it immediately. I paid $60.00 in freight fees.  I waited approx. 2 weeks for it to arrive. It was delivered by DHL. The box was heavy and I noticed it had been re-tapped. The side as the top were tore open. When I opened the box I noticed the sides, top and back panel were all bent. The plastic ring that hold the glove to the cabinet was broken and the small light and switch were cracked. I emailed the seller and waited 3 days for a reply. The only response was that I was suppose to call there customer service number and speak with a customer service representative. When I got through, I was told to go online and fill out a claim form. It would be reviewed and I would be emailed a response. I really didn't want to use the sandblast cabinet, I just wanted to see it sitting on the floor of my garage all bent up and broken. I got no were with the claim form and called "customer service again" after several more emails that went unanswered. I was told that they would be sending me replacement parts for what was broken and that it would take a few days. After waiting 10 days I received my replacement parts. I had to use a hammer and vise grips to bend the cabinet back into shap and seal all the joints with silicone to try to get it to seal. The small light that comes with this cabinet is a waste of time. A pen light flash light lights it up more than the one you get. lavoyroad has the worst customer service around. I used Buy-it-now option, paid $60.00 in freight fees, got junk and when I complained, (Negative feedback) all lavoyroad can ever reply to is seller beware. Each and every negative comment they leave for any buyer who complains is "seller beware". It should be buyer beware that he sells junk and does not back it up. If you are in the market for a sandblast cabinet and want to use Ebay, read the sellers feedback. lavoyroad is on a run for complaints. If you buy it and get junk you have no recourse. Shop around, there are better offers from sellers who want your business. Even try searching the internet. When I am done with the project I am working on this sandblast cabinet is going to the dump. I learned an expensive lesson. I hope others do not.

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