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When I first started selling on eBay, I was frustrated with trying to find boxes in which to ship my items. I quickly realized that if I shipped my items Priority Mail, I could get my boxes for free from the Post Office. The only problem with that was the Post Office was always out of the box that I needed the most. It never failed. Then, I realized that I could go directly to and order all my Priority supplies right there. Not only are the supplies free, they will ship them directly to your home at no cost. You can also order, again at no cost, Priority labels and any of the other items the Post Office offers at no cost. You can also order them in large quantities. How convenient!! Not only can you save time but you can save money that you would spend on gas.

One more thing. You can order Priority boxes with the eBay logo on them, again at no cost to you. The only problem with the one with the eBay logo, if you ship a lot of items, is that you are limited to a maximum daily order. But it is so awesome to be able to ship in a box that says "eBay" on it. To get your eBay Priority boxes, go to

I do have to search for boxes from time to time, but most often this process works for me. And, just started carrying a new box size. It is called a shoe box. I just got my first order of them yesterday and think they are a wonderful addition to the line.

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