NGC vs. PCGS the difference and why the premiums shift.

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Every wonder why a PCGS coin in MS66 will carry a higher premium to buyers than a MS66 from NGC?

I know for years I did, then about 6 years ago at a convention in San Diego I sat thru a seminar which attempted to educate professional numisist on this exact point(waste of time)!

You see, the bottomline for the price difference has to do with selectibilty at certain grades(according to NGC reps). Being in the buisness for many years, I have noticed that from AU-55 - MS 63, you really notice no price difference when selling professional grade coins between NGC and PCGS, but the magic grade seems to be MS65+. Me being the type of person I am, the seminar seemed to be a good starting point for own homewrok into this age old question.

When you start dealing in higher grade coins, a LARGE part of their value comes from the population report of that specific date and mint. For instance here, I am going to reflect on the 1932 D Washington quarter in MS-65. Ngc has a Pop of 14 currently, with none graded higher(14/0), While PCGS has 63 currently with 1 higher (63/1). YET.... Heritage recently sold a PCGS MS65 32d for 20,500.00, but in May sold a MS65 NGC 32d for 15,600.00 ????????? So I have to say, if the population has the majority to do with it, then this makes NO sense.

It is proven though, that NGC has about 5% more coins graded in MS66+ than PCGS, but god ,how confusing can that get when you look at the potential mass supplier these companies deal with these days. Couldn't NGC just be a better value for grading????

In my history, I have seen coins upgraded thru NGC from PCGS, and I have seen coins returned from NGC because they say the coin didnt fit their bill for the grade. I have sent coins into both companies for regrade, some make it, and some don't. I have even went as far as to do a study for my local numisist society, where I sent the same coin, to each company, and both recieved the same grade on 5 different test. But in retrospec, I have broke-out coin after they were refused for upgrade, and recieved the upgrade on a raw submission, that is thru BOTH companies. SO WHO IS BETTER?

Here is a old man's opinion, they are both GREAT companies, and both have flaws, but that is what happens, it is called human error, and it has to be factored in with each submission and purchase! On any given day, the person grading your coin could be in a bad mood, or maybe they are cross eyed from viewing 10000 coins that day. And I know that each company states they have a 3 person system in their grading process, but it is irrelevant to me the consumer.

Both companies are respected in the industry, and I say go where the value is............ Don't pay LARGE premiums just becuase the holder says PCGS over NGC, go where the value is. Like in my first example, if I can save 5000.00 dollars buying the same grade thru NGC as PCGS, I am ALL OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't be fooled by ANYONE saying that PCGS is better than NGC or vice-versa, do your own research and test them both. It is fun, and very informative, and will teach you alot about the process and what they look at.

Bottomline, I have seen coins I thought were under and over graded through each company, and I have seen highs and lows from each. But in my experiences, I have NEVER seen enough proof that would make me pay a 5000 premium for PCGS holder over NGC. Go where the value is, and know that both NGC and PCGS will both bring you great returns and gaurantee on your investment, with ANACS in distant 3rd.

Window shop till you find the coin you want, and as long as it is NGC or PCGS, don't worry about the holder, worry about your wallet!


Till then..............

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