My listing has no bids...What can I do??

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My listing has no bids...What can I do??
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I love ebay.

Each week, I list 12 - 15 items on ebay. I always use a 7 day auction, start on Sunday at 5pm. Some weeks, by Sunday at 10pm, I have a few bids already. Yahoo! The red prices turn to "Cha-Ching!" green, because someone bid on my item! Seven days to watch it continue to grow. My treasure will soon be packed and shipped and become their treasure.

Some weeks, one or two items get bids, and the rest just sit...and sit...and the red. UGH. What's a Seller to do? Plenty! Here are some tips that have worked for me, many times. Try them...they might help your slower sellers, too!

  • Read your auction title carefully and change it up. Something might be missing that would trigger a hit when an Eager Buyer does a title search. Did you misspell a name in the title? Did you spell Vintage "Vintge?" Bakelite "Bakalite"? Did you make a one word title into two, or vice versa? "Milk Glass" vs. "Milkglass"?

  •  Is your title descriptive enough? Did you leave out an important clue in your title, such as maker name or condition, like NIB (new in box) or BNIB (brand new in box) ? Did you remember to actually include a maker name or condition? AHA! Read that title carefully and use every available space, letter or number you can fit. 

  • Are you using the best category for your item? Sometimes, there are several options for a category if your item fits into more than one. By rule of thumb, I research my item on ebay before aI list it on ebay: If ten Denny's mugs have sold as listed in the "restaurant advertising" category, then I would be silly to list that mug in Pottery & Glass under "Other". Select a category for your item that has a proven sell-through track record.

  • Is your photo just terrible? Get as close and personal to your item as you can, or do something so "different" with the photo that it makes your item stand out in a sea of listings. At Christmastime, I noticed one seller listed Vintage glass ornaments for double or triple what other sellers were getting for like items, and they were selling!! Then I realized that the Smart Seller was not listing pictures of boxed ornaments, but taking them out of the boxes and lavishly displaying them in crystal bowls, on lace doilies and in beautiful baskets. No wonder she was selling them like hotcakes! She had created an "eye candy" atmosphere with them, an appeal so visual that her listings stood out from the rest, and they looked soooo fabulous, she was getting very high ending bids. Smart Seller!

  • Is your price right? If your starting bid is astronimical, that may prevent Buyers from placing the initial bid. It's better to start a listing lower and give it a chance to creep up with successful bidding. I often look at completed auctions and see someone list their widget for a starting bid of $24.99, not sell it, relist it for $22.99, not sell it, relist it for $20.99....Why waste your time and listing fees? Just start it at $19.99 and watch it grow up to and beyond that $24.99!

  • Is your shipping fee out of this world? Some Sellers make up their listing fees and other shenanigans by inflating shipping fees. I once saw a phone listed for $0.99 with a $50 ship fee...Oh boy. If you look at your mug listing and see that the item starting bid is $4.99 but you're charging a ship fee of $10.99, I know that you're just trying to get one over on me, and I will not bid on your item. Be fair, honest and reasonable with your shipping fees!

Revise your item if it has no bids and has been listed for half your auction time (on mine, if I have no bids in the first 4 days, I revise something in the listing). Make changes to your title, category, price or photo. Add a subtitle if you can afford it. Don't be afraid to make a change mid-auction, as long as you have had no bids, you have nothing to lose! But if after all else fails it doesn't sell....Is it just a dud? Sometimes, items will resell on a second listing, but sometimes they just don't. Oh well, that's part of the challenge on ebay. Don't despair, read my other Guides for lots of ideas on what to do with leftover Unsold Ebay Items.

And best wishes for Happy High Listings to you!~


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