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My Pillow Pet
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What really helped me ramp up my selling on Ebay was when I added my first Pillow Pet.  It was not a planned decision, but just a ramdom idea that spurred the creation of my Ebay Store,, and the expansion thereof.

The owners of My Pillow Pets are freinds of mine.  Their office and company is based in Oceanside, CA and happens to be next door to the gym where I workout. Oceanside Crossfit.

So, obviously, on a daily basis if you walk outside the box during the workout, you are surrounded by Pillow Pets.  They use the parking lot to stage the product during business hours.  My friend Clint (he's the "C" in CJ products) is the owner along with his wife Jennifer (she's the "J") and they both belong to Oceanside Crossfit, as well.

They are great people and of course over the last 2 years they have made sure that all of our kids have the appropriate # of pillow pets in every style and animal. Which for my daughters seems to be over a dozen.

Anyway, I got the idea one day to apply for a booth at the sunset market in Oceanside on Thursday nights and asked Clint if I could sell some pillow pets.  He agreed and a week or so later I was approved and selling. Well, not really SELLING.  I went down, set up my booth, surrounded myself with pillow pets, but barely sold enough each time to cover the cost of the booth rental. When I figured in the cost of the product, I was actully losing money to be down there.  I didn't mind! It turned out that my wife would come down with our girls and hang out for a few hours, we would eat tri-tip or something delicious from the other vendors and if I went home with $30 or $40 in my pocket to pay for the pillow pets, then it was a good night.

So I didn't get rich selling pillow pets at the market, but what is did was to give me the idea to sell them in my Ebay store. Not that it's such a new idea, but for me it planted the seed to expand the store and find everything I can to sell in it.  I want to be known as the place where you can go online and get the BEST Deal, the BEST service and the BEST product you can find anywhere on the internet.

So if Pillow Pets are your thing, come on over to my virtual store. If Pillow Pets are NOT your thing, come on over to my virtual store. You won't regret it!

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Thank you!

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