My 21 Day Phenphedrine Results

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I recently started taking a product called Phenphedrine. I read some really good reviews regarding this product and figured I would try it for a month to see if it worked. It came with a money back guarantee so if it didn't work, I wasn't out anything. I am on day 21 and so far so good! I have tried a lot of other diet pills but nothing like this! I am an emotional eater and have very little self control! I immediatley noticed my appetite decreasing, I wasn't constantly thinking about food, in fact it was the opposite. I was actually able to focus more on my work and school. It also gives me TON of energy! I had so much energy last  saturday that I cleaned my entire house and was able to jog 4 miles afterward!

I am a little obsessive compulsive and weigh myself atleast twice a day and I record all my daily activity. I carry a pedometer with me at all times and try to take atleast 10,000 steps per day. Why I struggle with my weight is still a mystery! After only 4 days I starting noticing a difference in the way my clothes were fitting. By day 5 I had already lost 6 pounds! I am approximatley 48 pounds over weight so 6 pounds in less than a week was a great motivational boost for me! I hadn't really changed the way I was eating so after week one I went on a strict diet. I decided to cut out all dairy (which is my weakness!) and stick to a 1200 calorie diet. By the end of my second week I lost a total of 12 pounds! I went from weighing 163 to 151.

I was convinced it wasn't going to get much better- with the other diet pills I have tried I would lose a lot in the beggining and plateau by the third week. To my surprise week three went by lightening fast. I wasn' t able to work out as much as I wanted to and I went out to eat twice during the week. I made good choices but my portions were larger. I didn't have that high of hopes but to my surprise I was still able to lose 4 more pounds!

I weigh 146.6 and my goal is to get back to 115- the size I was in 9th grade! I did the math and if I continue to lose my average 5.33 pounds of weight  each week I should reach my goal in about 6 weeks! I hope it isn't just "begginers luck"! Has anyone else tried this product for more than a month? I hope I am able to keep the weight off this time!!


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