Multi Ply Finland Birch Plywood

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Multi Ply Finland Birch Plywood
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Finland & Baltic Birch Listings

Finland Birch Plywood is an imported plywood.
Highly decorative, exceptional strength and great screw holding power as well as being able to be bent to a tight radius. The front, back and inner plies are quality one-piece plies. In spite
of the odd 60 inch by 60 inch or 50 inch by 50 inch format, Finland Birch has been a very high quality addition to the Imported Plywood market.
Because of its clarity and strength many manufacturers are using this material. The Finland Birch uses more uniform plys in its construction
than other imported panels and because of this it has excellent machining properties.

The dense construction and quality of veneer have made this a favorite product of Aircraft Manufacturers throughout the country. The material
also has many aesthetic qualities it sands, paints and stains very nicely. It is best known and used by airplane builders. It is used by scroller’s for ornaments, model airplane builders, model railroaders for buildings, doll house builders and model makers. Also the latest users are those that have lasers.

Q: What is Finland Birch?
Finland Birch, is a popular panel best known for its light color, strength and multi-ply construction. Finland birch is high in quality,
because you will find two perfectly clean faces. Finland birch has layers of veneer that are void-free, which is required for aircraft
construction and also makes it perfect for scroll saw cuts. Once you have cut your pieces, it’s easy to cleanly finish the edges to produce
a beautiful finished project.

Q: Why is Finland birch veneer better?

Finland birch veneer is NOT produced in the United States, BUT the highest quality veneer for this type of tree is actually produced in Finland. What sets the veneer apart is the consistency of surface; Finland birch veneer from Finland is virtually free of gaps and voids. This disparity cannot be attributed to quality milling; instead, it reflects the fact that the Finland birch is indigenous to the Finland and is generally healthier in that area. This means that the wood used to create the veneer is less prone to wood bugs and other ailments that can befall birch trees in more temperate climates.

Q: Why should I use Finland Birch?

Using Finland birch plywood in your projects is a great way to avoid common problems like surface collapse, since this plywood is virtually
free of voids on the inner plies. This lack of voids gives Finland birch tremendous strength, and also presents a very attractive side
profile without the gaps and voids common in many other types of plywood. While Finland birch plywood may be a bit harder to find than other
types of plywood, it can be well worth the effort for many different projects. An understanding of the grades and composition of this unique
type of plywood will show why Finland birch should be considered among the finest types of plywood.

Q: What sizes does it come in?
The most common Finland Birch sheet size is 5’x 5’. However, there is 48 inch by 48 or 50 inch by 50 inch.

Q: What thicknesses do you carry?
There are a myriad of thicknesses for this product. Currently I have the following thicknesses on hand for Finland Birch:
Thickness *Thickness

(mm) (inches)
.8        1/32
1.5      1/16

* Note – Finland Birch thicknesses in inches are approximate.

Q: What is this grade? It doesn’t look familiar.
Finland birch plywood is considered the highest quality, because it will have both faces entirely free of patches or plugs. It is different
from the domestic grades many of us see. Finland Birch is manufactured in accordance with Aircraft standards and has a German Lloyd
specification GL-2.

B----Selected one-piece face, generally light and even in color. Occasional brown streaks may be allowed, but no patches or voids. Sanded surface intended for natural finish.

Q: What grades do you carry?
I only carry B/B also known as Double B (clear two sides, meaning no boat patches)

Q: What type of glue do they use? Can this be used outside?
Finland Birch comes in an exterior glue.

Q: You don’t have the size I need. Can I get a special size?
If you need a special size we will custom cut to order. Let us know the size, thickness and number of pieces you need and will give you a
quote with S & H.

Q: Multi-ply construction. What does that mean exactly?
Multi-ply construction means that the plywood is constructed with more plies than a standard, domestic piece of plywood.

Metric # of Plies    Thickness
.8mm                            3
1.5mm                          3

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