Modern World 1 oz Silver Coins Best Investment China?

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Modern World 1 oz Silver Coins Best Investment China?
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Top Investment Coins: 1 oz 999 fine Silver Coins

Which country, which animal design will go UP the MOST?

1) Australia Lunar Zodiac Series One Coins 1oz BU
Low Mintage
Huge international demand in Australia, USA, Europe, Asia
Excellent reputation as a friendly, fun, peace loving country
Popular lunar zodiac 12 animal designs
Anyone who owns 1 or more coins NEEDS to finish their SET
Minted 1999 to 2010

2) Australia Lunar Zodiac Series 2 Coins
Low mintage, not as low as series 1
Worldwide demand
Popular designs

3) Mexico pre-Columbian 1 oz silver coins Dated 1992 to 1999
Stupidly low mintage of 4000, yes you read correctly, 5000, some are 50k or 100k
Amazingly beautiful coins show early Mexico Aztec, Toltec, Mayan, and other American early civilizations
Designs include jaguars, death masks, religious Gods, etc
Almost impossible to find more than one or two or ten at a time !
Worldwide demand, Mexico & USA & Europe
These have not been promoted much yet in Asia so a BIG potential in China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc

4) Australia Kangaroos and Koalas
Popular AND cute AND attractive aninmal coins
LOW mintages
Big demand in Australia, US, Europe
Sure to catch on big in Europe ie China, etc very soon
Australia has such a positive IMAGE

5) China Mint silver Pandas
Popular, cute Panda bear design
Huge demand in China but that bubble may burst and these are really common with high mintages
Prices have come down in USA, China, Europe- Prices could continue down
China has a bad reputation for political and economic and social reasons
These would have been #1 4 or 5 years ago

6) Canada Maple leafs
1980 to date
Everybody loves Canada, like Australia
Queen Elizabeth design is popular worldwide, especially former British Commonwealth countires = old saying " the sun never sets on the British Empire."
Collected by date everywhere
Lower premiums that Australia or Chin

7) United Kingdom's Britannia
Beautiful design
Queen Elizabeth design a PLUS as #5 Maple Leafs
Under recognized, undervalued, small demand as of Feb 2012
Great upside, espeically if these become more popular in Europe, USA, China

8) Australia Kookaburra
Boring bird design
How many times can you change the positioning of the bird before it gets silly?

9) US Eagles 1986 to date
HUGE big mintages of 5 million, 10 million, 15 million, you get the picture
HUGE supply in the US
Dealers are choking on these

I have bought and sold over 1 million one oz silver coins of ALL these cointries
combined over the last 25 years
NEVER counted exactly how many total but a LOT
I was a wholesaler on an international level and continue to do so
I know where coins go, which countries like which coins
I follow the market, the prices in all major market: USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Middle East

These are my personal opinions, just that.
You are entitled to your opinion and any choice you make is 100% your choice, not mint.

I am happy to help as I love coins.
I am a coin dealer who loves his work.

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