Mason's- A Guide to Mason's & Fashion

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Mason's- A Guide to Mason's & Fashion

Mason's fashions are rugged and durable pieces originally inspired by the military uniforms of the Colombian Liberation Army in the early 1980s.  The Libertador fabric of which many of these garments were made is a double twisted cotton that was stronger than the American denim of the time, is flexible, and can withstand tremendous activity and wear.  Mason's set out to make activewear that was both stylish and resistant to the stresses of life.

Unlike many trendy fashion lines, Mason's is dedicated to research and innovation from a production standpoint.  In addition to the Libertador fabric, they also use canvas, cannete, Ottoman, and tricottina fabrics that can't be found in any other major fashion line.   A recent partnership with acclaimed designer Massimo Bertelli has given Mason's an even more elite profile worldwide, as Bertelli is considered one of the leading designers of vintage-influenced clothing, combining the traditions of the past with savvy modern style.

Mason's jeans are named for the degree of aging they appear to have.  For example, they have a "3 year" wash, a "7 year" wash, and a "Rip and Repair."  Each is increasingly and uniquely distressed, from the gentle broken in feel of the "3 year" to the tattered edges and worn corners of the Rip and Repair.

In addition to Mason's jeans, the line includes a number of tops for men and women.  In the women's collection, shirts including the Have, Meknes Patch, and Sigua each feature unique detailing like printed flowers and patchwork.  The men's collection includes long sleeve shirts, as well as jumpers and jackets with ribbed sleeves that add distinguishing touch to the garment.

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