Magic Attic Club

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Magic Attic Club
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I fell in love with the Magic Attic Club Dolls, when I stopped receiving their catalog and began searching for what happened to my favorite dolls.  Magic Attic Club began production in 1994 when two designers from a small doll company in Maine approached former Fifth Avenue Fashion designer Robert Tonner.  Then the story first, in 1994, there were no story books.  In 1995 the story books began and the dolls "came to life".  Alison, Megan, and Heather lived together in a neighborhood, and had a wonderful older woman that allowed them to play in her attic.  When they would put on these wonderful costumes in the trunk, look into the magic mirror, their adventures began.  Stories and costumes were created for every adventure you can imagine.  Heather's adventures include, dancing at the ballet, horse riding adventure, even going to hollywood.  Megan becomes a Cowgirl, a downhill skier, a princess, and even attends a Masquerade ball.  Alison, the third of the original Club, goes for the gold in Ice Skating, flies on a magic carpet like a genie, and rides the rapids among some of her adventures.  More girls were later added, first came Keisha, then came Rose, and for only a short time was Chloe.  Chloe's appearance was so short she didn't even get a book or have an adventure.  When Knickerbocker sold the line to Marie Osmond, she changed Rose, who was introduced as an American Indian, to Rosa, marketed as a hispanic.  Then out of the blue, the line stopped in December of 2004.  For ten years, my daughters learned to read with their books, and I learned to be a child with their costumes and adventures.  All is not lost though, you can still bid on their outfits and accessories on Ebay.  Thanks to Ebay my adventures with these dolls continues.....Nancy Turner
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