Macro's and bot's in EVE Online: Why and How

Macro's and bot's in EVE Online: Why and How
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   Macroing and botting is necessary to the future of the MMORPG industry. Macroing in video games is defined as using a third party application, such as Simple Miner or Simple Trainer to automate a task within the game. For a long time this type of software has been given a bad reputation as cheat software that degrades the play experience for the rest of the users. In reality many users, such as myself, would find little entertainment playing MMORPG's like EVE Online without macro's to earn us in game cash (ISK). I have made it my mission to provide the MMO community with the tools and information needed to macro safely and effectively. This short guide will give you the basic pointers you need to avoid getting caught and play at your best.

   Everyone should be macro mining to save themselves time and stress. Video games are about having fun and mining for hours just to buy a spaceship is not fun. Long term commitment is needed in MMORPG's, but that does not mean you have to do it like everyone else. The only thing you are cheating with a macro is time and they save you a lot of it. If you are not macroing because you are afraid of getting caught then you just need to read further!

   The most important thing to remember about macro's and bot's is that you don't tell anyone you are using them. As much as you would like to tell the world that Simple Miner is earning you 115 million isk a day, game companies do not enjoy this type of display and they will ban you. Other users who are jealous about your tactics will also report you in a second. The good news is that it is virtually impossible to detect botting withing EVE Online if you are doing it correctly. It is safe and encouraged to promote macro's around the internet, but it is important not to use your EVE account information, character names, or passwords in your ebay accounts, forum accounts, or for anything else.

   The second most important thing is to avoid high traffic areas and other players. Other players are the only way to be detected while using a macro so avoiding them is the best thing you can do. This is easy in EVE online as there are thousands of star systems to choose from. Find a few systems that you like and switch between them daily. It is also a good idea to avoid communication with other players and to logout if you feel someone may be getting suspicious of your activities. Changes are that you are scaring yourself, but logging off will prevent them from accusing you at all. It is a given that blocking other players from communicating with you is the best and easiest way to avoid accusations or awkward conversations with other players.

   The third most important thing about macroing is that you need to do it efficiently so you do not have to do it as often. Always bring your best equipment that will get you in and out of the belt fastest. It is not a good idea to bring extremely slow ships or ones that get stuck or run out of capacitor easily. You will always want to equip yourself with as many defensive modules and drones as possible as well as as many preset bookmarks as possible; making life easy on the macro is always a safe way to increase your yields.Checking your computer and game settings before running the macro is also necessary before ever running the macro as most errors are human.

   Purchasing your macro from a credible website is the best way to ensure you do not get banned. It is wise to never purchase a product from a non-credible website, especially if their product requires you to use API files. As always, is a nice source for well developed and trusted macros. Simple Miner and Simple Trainer do not interact with the games source code and cannot be detected by CCP or any other players. 

   Macroing is safe and easy as long as you avoid other players, hide your information, and use credible software. The world of MMO's is evolving and macro's are becoming the most popular tool for your everyday gaming needs. Stop falling behind and get yourself a macro today.

Andrew Carle

Here is a quick checklist of things to remember:
1. Do not use your game account information on the internet
2. Buy from a credible macro developer (
3. Bring your best in-game setup and be defensive
4. Avoid high traffic areas and other players
5. Sell your ore in a few different areas or in a few different trips.
6. Enjoy



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