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MP4 Watches and Players
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I have been reading a large amount of negative feedback comments concerning MP4 watches and players.
Most of these negative feedbacks are based on poor picture quality.
Something to remember before you give up on a perfectly good MP4 Watch or MP4 player is.
Check the picture quality, resolution and definition of the Video you are converting before you upload it to your MP4 player.
Remember that a lot of these players are equipped with OLED (organic light emitting diode) Screens.
What this means is that your picture quality should be flawless, well lit and viewable from any angle, even in daylight.
If for some reason your player doesn't meet this criteria, but was advertised as a true OLED device, then you do indeed have a reason to lodge a complaint.
If however your model features a common LED screen, then you may suffer a small loss in picture quality, as well as shorter battery life.
Remember when converting your Video to the format designed for your player, that using the default format suggested by the converter is
ALWAYS the best way to retain Video quality. Also remember that this technology is still relatively new compared to other older forms of
Video playback. Take MTV format for instance. This format doesn't always perform as designed and in some players is a little buggy.
With the new formats offered, (names change depending on the player) you have a much better playback experience and a much smaller total file size.
The playback issues are not totally resolved though and this is why.
The AVI, DIVX,WMV conversions don't always produce correct Video playback simply because there are several formats available.
DIVX and AVI formats have been almost synonymous since this format began, and what may appear to be a DIVX  file, may actually be a Windows AVI file instead. The main difference is compression, followed by audio tracking, which may or may not align properly with the Video being played.
To resolve this problem, go to and download the latest player, which will in turn update your currently installed divx codec.
Then you simply open the suspect AVI file in the Divx player and convert it to a true DIVX format.
You may run into a problem with your MP4 player conversion software at this point simply because it assumes that your DIVX file should end with .avi instead of .divx. Simply edit the .divx to .avi and save then try again.
WMV files will be a bit harder to convert with Vista and XP service pack 3 since they introduce DRM media management which limits your ability to open, play or edit a licensed file, whether you have obtained the rights or not.
If this happens to you and you do indeed have the right to use the file, simply convert it to Divx before attempting to further convert it using the MP4 conversion software.
Now lets discuss playback quality.
Should you follow all of the steps above, yet still suffer from poor Video playback, then you may have converted your Video to a playback size and resolution that is not compatible with your player.
If your converter suggests a resolution of lets say 128X64 and you decide that a better playback may be obtained at 256X128 then you may be disappointed.
This also applies if you decide that a smaller file may be better since you have a lot of Videos you want to take with you.
A smaller file size will always result in less viewability and a more grainy playback, always try the default/suggested size first even if your video is a wide screen presentation.
In any instance assume that your conversion software knows what is best for your Video Quality before making any adjustments.
Many people are now using FLV capture software to save embedded Video offered in web Pages.
This software is quite handy for capture, but before converting this video for playback in any MP4 player, remember to either convert it to WMV or AVI format first. Otherwise the FLV converter software will leave the file in an AVI format that will not work correctly with most MP4 players.

Most all of the players I have used, bought and sold have their own inconsistencies and each player works pretty much as designed and really shouldn't be compared to other players offering higher resolutions and larger screen sizes. Most players state their maximum resolution and playback size in the instructions, and you should always use this as a guideline when converting and uploading a Video to your device.

Remember to never unplug your device from your PC without using the safely remove button located to the lower right area of your taskbar.
Failure to do so may result in software corruption or device failure.
For those who desire more memory, I would suggest buying a device which uses external SD memory cards as well as on-board memory for Video and Audio playback. then you can simply store all of your Video and Audio files on these cards so that you may have as many files to play as you wish.
Given the small size of both SD and MINI SD cards, storage is effortless!
Remember that the average SD card stores more data than a music or data CD and the Larger Capacity SD memory cards store more data than a DVD!

The true beauty of these devices is that like an IPOD they can store an incredible amount of songs in a very small place.
Unlike the average IPOD however, a lot of these devices are able to play Videos, function as a Voice Recorder, Play Karaoke, Function as a Text Reader as well as a picture viewer. Others also have Cell Phone capability, FM Receivers AND transmitters, allow you to Record your FM station, and some of the new watches have BlueTooth features complete with 1.5 to 2.0 megapixel cameras!

USA customers should take note here that not all of the new Cell Phone watches are designed for the higher frequencies we use in the United States.
So be sure before deciding to buy a watch that you verify, both that the watch is unlocked, and that it has a bandwidth of 1900mhz.
Then simply pop in your SIM card and Dial away!
Memory sizes vary device to device but this is a handy guideline, MP4 watches store from 1 to 8 Gigabytes.
MP4 Players including the IPOD clones store anywhere from 1 to 16 Gigabytes.
Beware of the Vendor who calls his player an 8gb (the GB part is an abbreviation for Gigabyte) but in the description calls it the new (MP4 8gb) player with 4gb of memory. This little trick has angered many buyers who simply read the Title but not the description and ended up buying a 4gb player instead of the 8gb player they thought was advertised. GB naming conventions may vary but the same rule applies.
No matter how you try to make it sound, this is simply deceptive advertising.

Also remember that when buying from China, Taiwan or Hong Kong to take distance into your delivery computations since your item must pass through several hands before it reaches you. Always buy insurance when buying from ANY country other than the one you are from.
Expect a delivery time from 5 to 8 weeks or more as well, and if you are a true buyer of international goods, keep an eye on the Holidays in your chosen country of preference, since this may delay your seller from delivery for a week or more.

Americans seem to naturally assume that the whole world observes many of the Holidays that we do, and while some countries do indeed celebrate many of the same Holidays, several don't celebrate Christmas, and they won't be as tolerant as an American customer would be if they are expecting a shipment during YOUR Holiday season. Take this into account when buying your MP4 player from an overseas vendor.

Thanks for reading My Guide.
This may be edited at a later time.
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