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Michael Kors is an outstanding designer and grand master of truly beautiful handbags. His superior craftsmanship and design is among the finest available. Unfortunately, one can not always be too sure they are getting a GENUINE Michael Kors from pictures. But, with some attention to detail and research, you can make a great purchase on Ebay.

As with all the other designer products purchased on Ebay, buyer beware. Research the seller. Check feedback and look at other products they have sold or have currently for sale. If there is any question in the feedback comments about authenticity, proceed with great caution. If the seller has an internet, non-Ebay store, go look. Check to see if they are selling any knock-offs. Inspect all pictures to look for irregularities.

Michael Kors uses quality materials. Look for soft and supple, high quality leathers. Avoid inferior leather and leather-like materials. These are not Michael Kors. Stitching is even and seams are all neatly trimmed and sewn on the real deal. If you see sloppy workmanship, suspect a fake. Kors fakes have threads that were not trimmed, glue, and uneven stitching. Real KORS are perfectly symmetrical with straight lines. Brand new hardware should not be scratched. He uses high quality metals that are polished and free from marks or flaws. Used purses may have some light surface scratching but the signature Kors logos are heavy and perfectly crafted and the colors do not start to fade or change or wear away easily. Most of the tags are also marked with his insignia. Inspect the zippers. The tiny details of fine craftmanship are seen here as well. Magnify any pictures and inspect. 

The genuine Kors purse has multiple Kors insignias on buckles, snaps, and other metal parts. The inside of his purses are often made of a soft canvas-like material with LEATHER-TRIMMING around the lining. If your purse does not have this signature leather trim or quality interior, BE wary. Some of the newer purses have a silker, shiny lining with the Kors insignia woven within. Again, it it looks cheap, it is a fake. Compare pictures with other pictures on Ebay. Compare pictures with reputable Ebay sellers. Always look for a guarantee of satisfaction or your money back.

I hope you can find many wonderful Michael Kors purses on Ebay and enjoy them as much as I have. Happy bidding!

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