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Let me start off by saying  My husband and I bought out a small video stores inventory   , It was really a old country store with gas and food and movies and even pizza lol here in a small town.
 We also have 5 children and tons and tons of books along with the books we buy when we go book hunting at estate sale.
 I would like to explain in the easiest terms possible what Media mail is and how it is used and how I have seen it miss used and what you can do.
First of all Media mail is for shipping tapes VHS, Cassette, Rolls any kind of tapes, It is also for shipping books hard cover or soft,  you may send comics  even, also Photos  of any type that do not include advertising in them..  that is the only stipulation of media mail NO advertising can be in the Items shipped.  NOW to my point. Sending a Tape or a paper back book all the way across country cost 1.59 cents  add 60 for delivery confirmation and even add .50 for the envelope you stick it in. ( because  VHS, BOOK, CD, DVD envelopes are 4 for a dollar in most places)  so we are at about 2.70 rounded off to send a VHS  CD DVD OR Paperback book all the way across country.
Hard backs usually run about 70 to 80 cents more. depending on size of book.  so we ate talking 2.70 to ship these items MEDIA mail.  I personally  round most of mine off to 3 bucks but you will find some at 2.99 or 2.79  depending on my mood I guess that day.
  I  look at tapes daily and DVDs, even books, as Like to buy them, I usually watch them and if they are really good I keep them,BUT usually resell them.  I have noticed many many Sellers charging 5.00 -7 bucks to mail a DVD, or VHS tape.  which I find  just not cool at all.
I say ask what you want for the ITEM don't try to make it up in shipping that's just not cool.  Some will respond and say well they send all Items Priority mail.. to these people I  say.. just move on, someone else will have the item you are looking for at the right price. The only exception I have made and seen is ON Disney tapes that come in those over sized  tape boxes, the can run you about 30 cents more. but a regular VHS tape at max should not be more than 2.99 to send, I truly have found that my honest approach to this shipping  has  helped me a lot as we have  unloaded about half of the tapes we bought out at the video store already.. I even had one buyer thank be for my honesty.  I forgot  to add that this Media mail also works with Video games as well , sorry.
  I;m just trying to let people know the facts on Media mail.. here in front of me I have a receipt from today's  post office trip where I sent VHS tapes and two paper back books and one DVD.. I live in Kentucky.. I sent one VHS to Hollywood CA.  price 1.59 then 60 for conformation.that's 2.19  I add 50 for envelope makes it 2.69 I charged 2,79 to send i was off by 10 cents.  next one was sent to Washington state  price to send DVD, 1.59 + 60 conformation, and 50 for envelope. same deal  then I sent one to Ohio which is 2 hours away , 1.59 to ship 60 delivery conformation, 50 for envelope.  its the same no matter how you cut it..
 So let me bottom line this before you get bored with me.. IF you are wanting to buy  a VHS CD DVD Video game Book or photos and you see prices like 5 ,6, 7 bucks shipping. move on, there is another one right down the road at the correct price.  You can get all the details on media mail at, or even pick up the paper they provide you with in the post office.
 Seller have the right to charge what ever they wish I guess for these Items, I'm just here to let you know the true price.  My belief as a seller is to ask what I want for my Item to be sold, and then put in the correct shipping, it builds trust in your buyers. and trust is a big   big way to have repeat buyers.  Thank you for your time
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