M9 Bayonets Taiwan China Versions

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I thought I'd write a simple/clarified version of the different types of M9 bayonets you see out everywhere.

There are many sources, for American made M9's.  Quarterbore and Old-Smithy have great reviews on American made M9's.

Then there's the gray area, of Taiwan/China M9 bayonets.

All Chinese M9's are made by Zhejiang, China, and then advertised by trading companies throughout China. 

China M9's are made out of 440C Stainless Steel, and they come in 4 variations.

Bowie Point, Sword/Double Edged, Buckmaster 184 style, and a Phrobis style.  All are made out of 440C Stainless Steel.  They are decent made knives, and for regular abuse or sticking into large game, it will suffice.  It is NOT a surgical instrument, but M9's were never designed as such.

All Taiwanese M9's are made in Lugang, Taiwan, but are not advertised by many.  Their factory is merely represented by many agents, who either contracted out the M9's with their own importer of record markings/laser engravings (not acid washed), to satisfy US Customs regulations  They OEM for many of the top brands in the USA, which if you do your homework, most web saavy surfers can figure out on their own.

All Taiwan M9's are either 420J2 Carbon Steel or 420J2 Stainless Steel and come in 4 variations too, but only the versions imported by Medrano.  Smith Wesson, US Calvary, Rothco have the Phrobis type and Buckmaster 184 type (S&W only)

Again, Quarterbore and Old-Smithy are a great source for information on the varying M9 assortments out there, and have a broad collection of M9's.

There is a lot of misinformation out there, based solely on emotion, without any real background information on the source of any of these. 

Finally, counterfeiters/copycats accusations

Utility/Plant patents are good for 20 years, design patents are good for 14 years.

Phrobis patent has long expired, I suggest again, due your homework before giving out misrepresentation to bidders soliciting decent advice.

All M9's, regardless of their origin, are handy, and have their function.  Would you want to pound your original Phrobis into a tree to make a fire?  Of course not.  Regardless, don't pay too much for a replica, and then again, don't pay too much for an original.  In the end, if you're happy with what you got, that's all that matters.


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