Lululemon -Everything You Need To Know

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Lululemon -Everything You Need To Know
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Lululemon - Everything You Need to Know


If you are not familiar with Lululemon, here is some information  that may help you get more information on the product.  A bit of background on how the company was formed:  Chip Wilson, the founder and creator of Lululemon, was immediately intrigued after his first commercial yoga class in downtown Vancouver. He had a passion and a drive to convert the uncomfortable cotton fabric used for yoga, into specified technical athletic fabrics.

A design studio was born that became a yoga studio at night, to help pay the rent. Clothing went up for sale, and soon an underground clothing business emerged. Yoga instructors wore the clothing in order to provide feedback and insights.

After a survey was sent abroad, the name Lululemon was chosen, along with its the logo. A stylized “A”.

The first Lululemon store opened in the beach area of Vancouver called Kitsilano in 2000. Initially, the store was supposed to be a community hub where people could come and learn about the physical and health benefits of yoga and exercise. Ironically, the store became wildly popular and there wasn’t enough help to go around. A dramatic expansion took place, creating more locations so that more people could enjoy lululemon clothing, and become infused with the knowledge of yoga.

It’s All About Performance Quality

“We create components designed by athletes for athletes.”

The fabric and quality of lululemon clothing is what makes the product different from others.

  • Luon is lululemon's signature fabric. It is pre-shrunk and consists of 86% nylon and 14% lycra. Luon is known for its comfort and cotton-like feel with a matte finish. It has a WetDry feature ideal for sweating during physical activity.

  • Silverscent is 100% polyester with silver or ion threading. Items made with Silverscent are always light and comfortable, possessing an anti-stink feature as well as the WetDry feature.

  • Stretch French Cotton Terry is 86% cotton, 9% polyester and 5% lycra. The lycra is used to help maintain shape, and as always this fabric is pre-shrunk.

  • BBB (Beyond Belief Basics) is made of natural fibres and is naturally breathable. It is light weight, especially for summer weather, and as always is pre-shrunk.

Features and Benefits of Lululemon

The structure of lululemon clothing provides comfort and style

  • Flat Seams- for less irritation

  • Gussets- to avoid being cut in half

  • Pre-shrunk- to ensure a perfect fit and that zippers don’t buckle

  • Taping around neck and back of zippers- less irritation

  • Locking Zippers- To stay in place; higher quality zippers

  • Reverse stitched lining- less irritation

Seasonal Colours

Creating components for people to live longer, healthier, more fun lives

Women's Basic







For a complete list of seasonal colors please refer to the lululemon website.

Who Wears Lulu?

Lululemon wear is not limited to those who only do yoga. Dancers love it, as well as all athletes, not excluding the average person!  Below is a sample of some of the clothing  available:


“Lululemon Athletica was formed to provide people with components to live longer, healthier, and more fun lives. If we can produce products to keep people active and stress free we believe the world will become a much better place.”

 To purchase Lululemon clothing, visit Btips and Co.

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