Louis Vuitton Date Codes Part 1

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This page shows past history to current time and changes of Louis Vuitton Country/Manufacturing date codes.  There are two parts to this guide.  See the link below to page 2, as well as how to spot a fake with common practices and photographs.



French Company - no date code (tyvek-like tag only)

Saks Fifth Avenue - no date code (stamp only)

Fabric Design - no date code (stamp only)


3 numbers YYM - 821 is January 1982

4 numbers YYMM - 8312 is December 1983

2 letters 3 numbers LL YYM - TH 863 is March 1986

3 numbers 2 letters YYM LL - 865 TH is May 1986

2 letters 4 numbers LL YYMM - TH 8812 is December 1988

4 numbers 2 letters YYMM LL - 8910 TH is October 1989


2 letters 4 numbers LL MYMY - TH 1920 is December 1990


2 letters 4 numbers LL WYWY - TH 3077 is 37th week of 2007



France: A0, A1, A2, AA, AH, AN, AR, AS, AX, BA, BJ, BU, CT, DR, DU, ET, FL, GR, IT, LW, MB, MS, MI, NO, RA, RE (also Italy), RI, SA (also Italy), SD (also USA), SF, SL, SN, SP, SR, TA, TH, TJ, TN, TR, TS, VI, V.I.

USA: FC, FH, OS, SD (also France), LA, FL (rare-lining replacement)

Spain: CA, CR, GI, LB, LM, LO, LW

Italy: BO, CE, FA, FO, RE, MA, NQ, PL, RC, RO, SA (also France), ST, TD

Switzerland: DI, FA (also Italy)

Germany: LP



BA Mostly France but there have been some LE pieces made in Spain

CA Mostly Spain but there have been some Vernis made in France in 1999

FC USA bags made in 1980's

LA USA bags which are largely discontinued (have appeared on Boulogne 30, Montsouris Moyen, Papillon 26, Speedy 30, Pochette Orsay)

SD France bags prior to 1995 until opening of San Dimas when SD became USA


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