Lost in the Mail

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Lost in the Mail
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One of the biggest problems for online buyers and Sellers is your package gets lost by USPS or Any carrier,or damaged but  lets discuss USPS for now and eBay and Lost mail, but this will apply to any Mail not receivedNote Please follow these steps, only use Paypal as a last resort, if you go straight to Paypal you can lose an Item not received (INR) compliant unless you deal with the Post Office first

 What to do if you think your package is lost or Late.

eBay sellers generally use "Delivery confirmation” called “DC” for short if you feel your package is late or lost ask your Seller for the “DC” number if you don’t have it and check it

Now for some of the problems

DC says a label has been printed but they don't have the package yet please check back for updates

One would think that the Seller has not mailed the package, but the truth is when the Seller prints postage online the "DC" is not updated until the Package is delivered, so don't think the Seller has not mailed your package.
What to do if DC shows delivered and you don't have the package.

USPS  has a bad record with DC, they often deliver to the wrong address, or mark a package "Delivered" when it's still at the Post Office.
The first thing you must do is contact USPS using this "Lost Mail" form from the USPS website, not you local post office, they all to often just circle the wagons. 
This is the only form that will cause USPS to look for and trace your package and get back to you, chose "Delivery" then Lost from the drop down box.

Using this form places a "Note" first on the USPS DC tracking page indicating you claim you never received your package.

This will be important if you have to file a charge back with PayPal or your credit card company.

After the investigation if your package is not found, the "DC" delivered will be changed to "Lost".

As long as DC shows "Delivered" Paypal. your credit card or your insurance will not pay.

 So don't file with PayPal or your CC until you file this form and the investigation is complete.

USPS Postal Inspectors

This is the Police department of USPS, they do not look for lost mail, they do not report back to you

If you have good reason to believe your mail was stolen or Tampered with, then and only then contact them again from the USPS website

PayPal and Credit Card charge Backs

First thing don't get in a rush, PayPal gives you 45 Days to file, so don't file until you have your bases covered, you only have one shot at it

Paypal, your Credit card company or your Insurance will go by the Carriers tracking information pages, so make sure thats updated to show your package is "Lost" before you file with anyone

If you file and DC/Tracking shows "Delivered" the seller will win and you will not be refunded and you can't re-file.

This is important !!!!! carriers are not allowed to leave packages by default.


If the carrier says they remembers leaving your package, your next question should be. Why by who's orders?

Carrier Release Endorsement for Parcels


The carrier release endorsement ”CARRIER—LEAVE IF NO RESPONSE“ instructs carriers to leave the parcel if no one is available to accept the parcel or when the addressee has filed a written order to allow a carrier to leave the parcel. A parcel may be left in an unprotected location, such as a stairway or uncovered porch, only when it bears the ”CARRIER—LEAVE IF NO RESPONSE“ endorsement. The endorsement must appear directly to the left of the postage area (preferred) or directly below the return address as specified in . and . A carrier release endorsement may be used on only:


a. Uninsured parcels

b. Parcels which do not require a signature


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