Living for less in a high cost world - Dozens of ideas!

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Living for less in a high cost world - Dozens of ideas!
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Below is a list of thought starters. These are designed to be like word association lists. A word or phrase that may generate an idea that can be turned into a savings. The list is random and in no special order. How would you make these points to save from?

Recycle (If your state pays for recycling, that's great. But even where you don't get paid, it keeps the world cleaner for others who follow)

Use Rebates (Don't forget to send them in with all the required paperwork)

Coupon (Save, use and trade them)

Fix or repair when possible (Many things can be easily repaired. Some aren't worth the expense.)

Stop smoking (Save the cost. Save your health)

Give up Junk Foods (It is healthier and cheaper to eat quality foods)

Avoid Fads (Fads are expensive because they often cost more to buy and are out of style in a few months in most cases.)

Have a yard sale

Avoid clothing that requires dry cleaning

Pack a lunch (see my other money saving guide on this subject)

Do things as a family

Cook from scratch

Start a Co op. (see my other guide on this subject)

Mail payments on time to avoid late fees

Do you need designer products? (It is almost always less expensive to avoid designer labels. But sometimes you will run across a bargain even on high end items.)

Do your own yard work if possible. (It's good exercise)

Shop Discount, Wholesale and Bulk

Have some quiet time (It's free and has a refreshing effect)

Save your pocket change (see my small savings guide)

Develop supportive friends

Find creative ways to reduce your utility bills

If you can use even 3 or 4 of these ideas it will save you money. Give it some thought. Enjoy the journey.


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