Listing and Selling Gift Cards within eBay Guidelines

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Gift Cards are a wonderful gift for just about everyone. The perfect gift without the agony of the long search for the just so perfect gift.

If you think to buy a Gift Card on eBay, it is a wonderful way to go! No leg work and it comes straight to your door! And you can usually buy it for a little less than its true monetary value.

But sometimes we receive gift cards, for whatever reason, we cannot use. If you do not wish to re-gift them, why not take the opportunity to sell them on eBay!

But, do your homework first! Gift Cards can be sold on eBay but with restrictions. You would not think there would be restrictions when you see so many Gift Cards up for auction. Don't be caught for not know the rules! You will feel silly!

A brief summary regarding Gift Card selling on eBay:

1. The Gift Card cannot exceed $500.

2. Only 1 Gift Card is allowed to be listed in any 7-day period.

3. You must have the Gift Card in your possession.

4. One ONE Gift Card per listing

For more information regarding Gift Card selling, visit:

Happy eBaying!

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