Sailor Moon Complete English Episode List and DVD Info

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Sailor Moon Complete English Episode List and DVD Info
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      I decided to write this because I had purchased 2 English Sailor Moon anime DVD boxsets (season 1 and 2, containing only 3 discs each) from here which turned out to be bootlegs. While their picture quality is perfect and nothing from the episodes is missing or wrong, the season 1 box set only goes to episode 36. The season 2 boxset continues with the rest of season 1 (37-40) and then starts with season 2 parts 1 and 2 but does not end season 2 part 2. The last disc stops with episode 72, falling short the remaining 10 episodes.

    All of the English seasons 1 and 2 DVD boxsets being sold on eBay are like this because they are all bootlegs, also , sellers put in their auctions for these that they have optional Japanese language with English subs on them - they do not! English seasons 1 and 2 are only in English.
      For more on bootlegs and to see pictures of my bootlegs, visit my Bootleg Sailor Moon & Other Anime DVDs - Spotting Them or Sailor Moon - The eBay Bootleg DVD List! guides. For non-eBay links to Sailor Moon, please see my About Me page.

    There has never been (and never will be since ADV Films lost their production rights of the first 2 seasons in March 2004) official boxset releases of English seaons 1 and 2 from ADV Films which produced the single DVD volumes of seasons 1 and 2.

    Single volume DVDs for season 3 are by both Pioneer (Heart Series) and Geneon (Signature Series which is just a re-release of Pioneer's Heart Series), and single volume DVDs by Pioneer for season 4 called the Pegasus Collection and Geneon as The Signature Series, as well as the Sailor Moon S Complete TV Series Thinpack Boxset and the Sailor Moon SuperS Complete TV Series Thinpak Boxset..
    All the other Sailor Moon S and SuperS boxsets on eBay are bootlegs and may not contain all episodes like the seasons 1 and 2 sets I bought.
   There's a link at the bottom of this for Pioneer's release of the Sailor Moon movie trilogy.


   The episode list of the English language dub of the Japanese animation Sailor Moon contains less episodes than the Japanese original because DiC (season 1 and 2) and Cloverway (season 3 and 4) decided to cut some original episodes rather than just editing them to an insane degree like the did with the rest of the series.
    Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (season 5) is not here because it was never made for English audiences. Fan-dubs and subs can be found throughout the internet.
    Part 1 of Sailor Moon R (season 2), unofficially known as "The Doom Tree Series", didn't appear in the original story of Sailor Moon in the manga (graphic novels). It was made up by Toei Animation so the creator, Naoko Takeuchi, could have more time making the manga. Also, in the manga, there are no parts called Sailor Moon R or Sailor Moon S.
    Cloverway lost it's rights to the Sailor Moon TV show in 2001 where production for all Sailor Moon products discontinued as well.

    Anime (アニメ ) (say ann-ih-may) is an abbreviation of the Japanese word アニメーション (animēshon), which is based on the English word "animation". Outside Japan, the term most popularly refers to the medium of animation originating in Japan. Within Japan, the term anime is used to refer to all forms of animation from around the world. Anime is often influenced by Japanese comics known as manga.

    To not confuse anyone, I will be using only the English names for the characters, places, and magical items.

  • Sailor Moon Season 1
Sailor Moon DVD Volumes - ADV Film's English Release

    Almost all the main characters appear in this season, since there are so many, I'm only going to list who the Sailor Scouts were up against in this season.

    The Four Generals (Jedite, Nephlite, Zoicite, and Malachite), various monsters controlled by the Four Generals, Queen Beryl and The Negaforce of the Negaverse. "Evil" Prince Darien/Tuxedo Mask.
To collect the seven Rainbow Crystals, that have been reborn into humans who become Shadow Warriors, to combine them and create the Silver Imperium Crystal.

  • 001. A Moon Star is Born
  • 002. Talk Radio
  • 003. Slim City
  • 004. So You Want to be a Super Star
  • 005. Computer School Blues
  • 006. Time Bomb
  • 007. An Uncharmed Life
  • 008. Nightmare in Dreamland
  • 009. Cruise Blues
  • 010. Fight to the Finish
  • 011. Match Point for Sailor Moon
  • 012. An Unnatural Phenomenon
  • 013. Wedding Day Blues
  • 014. Shutter Bugged
  • 015. Dangerous Dollies
  • 016. Who is the Masked Man?
  • 017. An Animated Mess
  • 018. Worth a Princess' Ransom
  • 019. Molly's Folly
  • 020. A Friend in Wolf's Clothing
  • 021. Jupiter Comes Thundering In
  • 022. The Power of Friendship
  • 023. Mercury's Mental Match
  • 024. An Artful Attack
  • 025. Too Many Girlfriends
  • 026. Grandpa's Follies
  • 027. Kitty Chaos
  • 028. Tuxedo Melvin
  • 029. Sailor V Makes the Scene
  • 030. A Crystal Clear Destiny
  • 031. A Reluctant Princess
  • 032. Bad Hair Day
  • 033. Little Miss Manners
  • 034. Ski Bunny Blues
  • 035. Ice Princess
  • 036. Last Resort
  • 037. Tuxedo Unmasked
  • 038. Fractious Friends
  • 039. The Past Returns
  • 040. Day of Destiny
  • Total: 40 episodes

Sailor Moon Season 2 - PART 1
    Sailor Moon R (Return)

Sailor Moon R DVD Volumes - ADV Film's English Release

    New Characters:
The Moonlight Knight
    New Enemies:
Alan (Alan Granger),  Ann (Ann Granger) and the Doom Tree.
Alan and Ann are aliens that have been instructed by Queen Beryl to go to Earth and collect energy from humans to sustain their life source the Doom Tree. They disguise themselves as brother and sister from France and enroll in Serena, Amy and Lita's school Crossroads Junior High.

  • 041. The Return of Sailor Moon
  • 042. So You Want to Be in Pictures
  • 043. A Knight to Remember
  • 044. VR Madness
  • 045. Cherry Blossom Time
  • 046. Kindergarten Chaos
  • 047. Much Ado about Babysitting
  • 048. Raye's Day in the Spotlight
  • 049. Food Fetish
  • 050. Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall
  • 051. Detention Doldrums
  • 052. Secret Garden
  • 053. Treed
  • Total Episodes: 13

Sailor Moon Season 2 - PART 2 
    Sailor Moon R (Romance)

Sailor Moon R DVD Volumes - ADV Film's English Release

    New Characters:
[Tuxedo Mask reappears], Rini, Luna-P (Luna Ball, Luna Sphere), Sailor Pluto (as the Guardian of Time), King Darien, Neo-Queen Serenity, Sailor Uranus and Neptune appear (but not identified by name).
    New Enemies:
The Four Sisters (Catzi, Bertie, Avery and Prizma) and their various Droids, Rubeus, The (main) Negamoon Family (Emerald, Sapphire, and Prince Diamond) from the Dark Moon, Wiseman/The Doom Phantom from the planet Nemesis, and Wicked Lady.
The Negamoon Family and various affliates have traveled to the past from the 30th Century Crystal Tokyo in order to capture Rini who has the Silver Crystal of the future and destroy Tokyo of the past, getting revenge on Neo-Queen Serenity for banishing them from Earth.

  • 054. Serena Times Two
  • 055. The Cosmetic Caper
  • 056. Sailor Mercury Moving On?
  • 057. Grandpa in a Pickle
  • 058. Trouble Comes Thundering Down
  • 059. A Charmed Life
  • 060. A Curried Favor
  • 061. Naughty 'N' Nice
  • 062. Prediction of Doom
  • 063. Enemies No More
  • 064. Checkmate
  • 065. Sibling Rivalry
  • 066. Rubeus Evens the Score
  • 067. Rubeus Strikes Out
  • 068. The Secret of the Luna Sphere
  • 069. Emerald Bakes Up Trouble
  • 070. Promises Fulfilled
  • 071. No Thanks, Nurse Venus
  • 072. Dog Day for Artemis
  • 073. Smart Payoff (previously known as Lonley Amy)
  • 074. Child's Play
  • 075. Future Shocked
  • 076. Legend of the Negamoon
  • 077. Jealousy's Just Rewards
  • 078. Birth of the Wicked Lady
  • 079. Brotherly Love
  • 080. Diamond in the Rough
  • 081. Final Battle
  • 082. Follow The Leader
  • Total: 29 episodes

  Sailor Moon Season 3 

    Sailor Moon S (Super)

Sailor Moon S DVD Volumes - The Heart Collection

    New Characters:
Amara Tenoh/Sailor Uranus, Michelle Kaioh/Sailor Neptune, [Rini reappears as Sailor Mini Moon], Trista Meioh/Sailor Pluto reappears as her human and Sailor Scout form, Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn
    New Enemies: Witches 5 ( Eugeal, Mimet, Telulu, Biruet and Cyprine/Peirol), the Heart Snatchers, Professor Tomoe, Mistress 9, and Pharaoh 90.
    Objective: Professor Tomoe has each of the Witches 5 and one of their Heart Snatchers capturing people looking for their Pure Hearts. They need to find three Pure Hearts which turn out to be talismans or special treasures that when brought together make the Purity Chalice. Misstress 9 (an evil entity living inside Hotaru) wants the Purity Chalice to bring out Pharaoh 90 to destroy the earth.

  • 083. Star Struck, Bad Luck
  • 084. Crystal Clear Again
  • 085. Driving Dangerously
  • 086. Bad Harmony
  • 087. Sweept Off Her Feet
  • 088. Blinded By Love's Light
  • 089. Lita Borrows Trouble
  • 090. Damp Spirits
  • 091. Friendly Foes
  • 092. Mixed Emotions
  • 093. Individual Happiness
  • 094. Birthday Blues Part 1
  • 095. Birthday Blues Part 2
  • 096. Hello, Sailor Mini-Moon
  • 097. Tainted Tea Party
  • 098. People Who Need People
  • 099. Related By Destiny
  • 100. Art Appretiation
  • 101. Everything's Coming Up Rosey
  • 102. No Turning Back
  • 103. Destiny's Arrival
  • 104. The Purity Chalice
  • 105. Show Stoppers
  • 106. Rini's Risky Friendship
  • 107. Mimet's Mess
  • 108. The Shadow of Silence
  • 109. Thorny Weather
  • 110. Heightned Hazzard
  • 111. It's In The Cards
  • 112. Goodness Eclipsed
  • 113. Next In Line
  • 114. Feindish Ferns
  • 115. For The Love Of Science
  • 116. Wake Up Call
  • 117. Who's Really Who ?
  • 118. Darkness, My Old Friend
  • 119. Second Chances
  • 120. Tough Kindness
  • Total: 38 episodes

Sailor Moon Season 4

    Sailor Moon Super S (Super Super, also known as Super Stars, not sure which is right)

Sailor Moon SuperS DVD Volumes - The Pegasus Collection

    New Characters:
    New Enemies:
Zirconia, Amazon Trio (Fisheye, Tigerseye and Hawkseye), Amazoness Quartet (Cele Cele, Para Para, Besu Besu and Jun Jun) of the Dark Moon Circus and Queen Nehelenia
    Objective: The people of the Dark Moon Circus are in search for the Golden Crystal so that Queen Nehelenia can use it to rule the world. After capturing Pegasus' human form Helios, who is also the keeper of the Golden Crystal, Pegasus hides in people's beautiful dreams. The Amazon Trio and Quartet go around looking in people's Dream Mirrors to find the Golden Dream Mirror where Pegasus is hiding.

  • 121. Dreams Take Flight
  • 122. No Ordinary HorsePower
  • 123. Sweet Dreams
  • 124. Baiting the Trap
  • 125. Perfect Couple
  • 126. Much Ado About Kitten
  • 127. Pegasus PageTurner
  • 128. Teachers Lesson
  • 129. The Trouble With Love
  • 130. Phony Fairy
  • 131. Driven Dreamer
  • 132. Cutting it Close
  • 133. Clothes Call
  • 134. Double Trouble
  • 135. Recipe For Danger
  • 136. Kickin' into High Gear
  • 137. Beach Blanket Bungle
  • 138. Tutu Treachery
  • 139. Dutchess's Day Off
  • 140. No Prince Charming
  • 141. A True Reflection
  • 142. Eternal Dreams
  • 143. A New Nightmare
  • 144. Heartfelt Melody
  • 145. Dreams of her Own
  • 146. Dental Dilemma
  • 147. Nightmare Garden
  • 148. Vaulting to Victory
  • 149. Reflections of Reality
  • 150. Dream Believer
  • 151. Pegasus Revealed
  • 152. Rini's Lovely Rhapsody
  • 153. Tomorrow's Big Dreams
  • 154. Day of Night
  • 155. Showtime Showdown
  • 156. The Dark Legend
  • 157. One in the Hand
  • 158. Golden Revival
  • 159. The Sweetest Dream
  • Total: 39 episodes

Sailor Moon The Movies - The Dream Set Uncut Trilogy

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