Linksys vs. Netgear Wireless Router

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In years past, Internet connections were much slower. With the fast connections of modern computer networks, the most logical next step is faster wireless technology, especially wireless routers. Wireless networks work using radio waves, just like cell phones and radios do. A wireless adapter in a computer takes the radio waves it receives from the router and decodes them for use on the computer. When sending signals out, the reverse holds true with the adapter translating the computer data into a radio signal and then sending that signal out using one or more antennas. The wireless router acts as a bridge between the modem and the computer, sending and receiving radio signals. When shopping for a wireless router, computer users have a large selection of brands to choose from. Two such brands, Linksys and Netgear, stand out and make quality routers for use in computer networks around the world.
Linksys EA6500 Minolta SRT-SC-II

Linksys Wireless Routers

The Linksys brand offers affordable, quality routers for many home and office networks across the world. While initially offering technology that connected multiple personal computers to a single printer, the company now offers network cards, Ethernet hubs, and routers. Additionally, its extensive product line includes VoIP products offered under the Linksys Voice System brand. Belkin, the owner of Linksys, provides continued support for existing Linksys products.

Linksys provides quality routers and has developed some of the most popular routers on the market. The routers are especially popular with the open-source community that has modified the firmware of the Linksys' WRT54G router extensively. While easy to setup, Linksys routers offer firewalls to help protect a user's network from unwanted hackers who could try to gain access, or even control of a router owner's home or office network.


Netgear Wireless Routers

While Netgear's routers have been part of home and office networks for years, Netgear routers have also found their way into use by broadband service providers. Selling their products around the world, Netgear has established itself as an industry leader. Netgear manufactures a wide range of products, including switches, firewalls, network hubs, routers, and more. While Netgear does outsource some of its manufacturing, this helps lower the overall costs for their devices, as well as helps the company keep the quality standards of their equipment at a high level.

How to Choose the Best Router

When comparing the various routers from Linksys and Netgear, shoppers should keep some important considerations in mind, including speed, range, and cost.

Wireless Router Speed

When shopping for a router, consumers need to find one that can handle the speed of their network. In an older router, 11 Mbps was the norm. Following that came routers that boasted speeds of 54 Mbps. Routers that claim up to 450 Mbps are also available. Buying a higher speed router than the network should not cause any problems because once the data travels beyond the point of the router to the outside Internet, it falls mercy to all of the normal bottlenecks and slowdowns presented there. In other words, the highest speed routers typically only speed up the connection within the home or office and not the Internet that exists outside. Shoppers need to consider this when looking at the cost of a router and realize this is one area where they can potentially save money.

Wireless Router Range

When it comes to wireless router range, the antenna technology determines how powerful of a signal the router produces which directly affects its range. The 802.11ac protocol provides better range than previous versions. After this, wireless N units, or 802.11n devices, provide the most common router type, followed closely by 802.11b and 802.11g wireless routers. Regardless of the wireless router signal strength, obstructions, radio interference, and other environmental conditions can affect the range of a router.

One option for increasing a router's range is to buy an aftermarket antenna, which allows the signal to work directionally, as opposed to in all directions, which increases the signal's range. Other ways of extending the range of a router include wireless range extenders and upgrades to the Wi-Fi client. A router with a large range only becomes necessary when router owners find that their wireless devices spread out around the office or home. If owners find their network devices located in close proximity to one another, then a router with a shorter range becomes more appropriate.

Wireless Router Cost

Purchasing a wireless router does not have to break the bank. By knowing exactly what they want, shoppers can get the exact wireless router they need, all the while avoiding unnecessary options, such as an extended range for a small network. Shoppers can also consider buying refurbished or used routers to save on costs.

Popular Linksys and Netgear Wireless Router Models

Before buying a Linksys or Netgear wireless router, shoppers should look at the available models to help them decide which router to buy. By considering some of the most popular models, shoppers can determine what they need more easily.

Wireless Router Model

Model Number


Linksys HD Video Pro Wireless Router


Features Wireless C, which is three times as fast as Wireless N

Offers good video streaming

SimpleTap technology allows easy router setup

Netgear Centria Wireless Router


Acts as a backup system for a PC or Mac, safeguarding files and media

Offers two Superspeed USB 3.0 ports, allowing users to add even more storage

Allows video streaming throughout a home

Linksys Advanced Multimedia Wireless Router


Fast and easy sharing across devices

Uses SimpleTap technology to easily connect different devices

Offers Smart Wi-Fi Apps and tools

Netgear Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router


Provides speed of up to 900 Mbps

Improved range makes it great for large homes

Good for streaming video and multiplayer gaming

Linksys Multiple User Wireless Router


Speeds of up to 300 Mbps

Extended coverage through the use of additional antenna

Simultaneous Dual-Band N

Netgear 300 Mbps 4-Port Wireless Router


Easy to use with an affordable price

Offers free, in depth Parental Control options

Excellent range and speeds

Shoppers can find even more models at local electronic stores, online at the manufacturer's website, or on eBay. Shoppers should compare the available models to get the speed and range they need.

Find a Linksys or Netgear Wireless Router on eBay

Start shopping on eBay for wireless routers, or any other products, by typing terms into the Search bar on any page. Use terms like " Linksys 802.11g wireless router" or "white Netgear wireless router," for example, to begin your search. The key to finding good product matches is to use keywords that closely describe what you need, including the product type, brand name, or other descriptors. Once results come up, cut the list down by selecting any categories listed on the results page. eBay's Search Tips page also provides shoppers with more help on searching the site effectively.

Always read each product listing thoroughly to make sure it matches your needs. Before making any purchases, make sure you are satisfied with the product's price, color, size, measurements, or any other detail, like shipping. Also, read through the seller's feedback rating to make sure they are highly rated.


Whether purchasing a wireless router for the home or the office, shoppers can buy a quality Linksys or Netgear router to help them set up a wireless network. Shoppers need to make sure to keep a few factors in mind while making a purchase, including router speed, which mainly determines the network speed within the office or at home. Shoppers should also consider the range of the wireless router. Any wireless router a shopper purchases should reach all the devices in each area of the office or home. Cost is another important consideration for shoppers deciding which wireless router to purchase.

By keeping the above in mind, shoppers can buy the Linksys or Netgear wireless router that best fits their office or home network needs. When buying wireless routers, shoppers can find a wide selection of Linksys and Netgear models for sale on eBay.

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