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Line 6 is truly the number one brand for all your musical recording needs. I've owned a POD X3 Live and though at first I was disappointed, I later found out that I just didn't know how to use it to it's fullest potential. Before selling it to a friend I discovered that it works with almost any computer based recording software and the sound through any speaker, except for a 15 watt amp is remarkable.

I was disappointed when I played the sound through a small practice amp I had also bought, because the sound was less than flattering. Yet, with one recorded track my view changed. Line 6 has almost equalized the guitar sound to perfection. Just record and burn to a CD. Very little is needed, unless you find any imperfections in the volume, etc.

Line 6 amplifiers seem to be a great buy these days, especially for modern rock musicians. Tone is a great thing, but quality settings and quality sound is vital to the inexperienced. Kids can't buy a Marshall and sound like their favorite artists, but they can buy a 75 watt Line 6 amp and get the sound of today's musicians.

The reverb is my favorite feature aside from the Heavy distortion Line 6 carries. I currently purchased a Line 6 Tone Port KB37 midi device and seem to be happy with it so far. I miss my POD X3, but it was a great lesson. Don't try expensive hardware in three days and think you know it all. Take your time with everything. Or else it will be too late and you'll find yourself buying it again if not something cheap. In my case a bit of a down grade. Not so much though, I prefer it powered to a computer. I don't own loud amps. I do studio work mostly.

So listen, if you want a Line 6 product, you definitely don't need to hesitate. If it's for live performance, make sure you have great loud amplifiers or a huge P/A. Otherwise, it may not be a great investment, a Line 6 amp would be best if playing small venues.

For recording bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals, anything musical... this is a dream come true.

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