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Lennox Air Conditioner Buying Guide

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Lennox Air Conditioner Buying Guide
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Lennox has been manufacturing HVAC parts and equipment for more than a century. The company offers an extensive lineup of central air conditioning units. However, window units and portable air conditioners are not available. People typically opt for Lennox central air conditioners for their efficiency. The company's lineup includes prices that suit a variety of different budgets as well. Without knowing what to look for in a central air conditioning unit, choosing the right Lennox air conditioner isn't easy. By taking things like the unit's efficiency rating and design into consideration, zeroing in on the right model is a lot simpler.

Basic Considerations to Make Before Buying a Lennox Air Conditioner

Installing a Lennox air conditioner is not a do-it-yourself job. It is always necessary to hire a contractor to perform the installation. Prior to hiring a contractor, however, it is smart to get a feel for the type of unit that is needed. Several things will have an impact on selecting the perfect model.


The base price of a Lennox air conditioner is just a starting point. Professional installation is required, and that amount will vary depending on many factors. Most importantly, whether a home has existing ductwork or not will play a critical role in how expensive installation will be.
If a new Lennox air conditioner is being purchased to replace an existing unit, there should already be ductwork in the home. However, it is worth it to have a contractor inspect the ductwork to ensure that it is in good shape. If the ductwork is old, it may have cracks or other places where leaks can occur. If those things are left unresolved, they can have a serious impact on the overall efficiency of even the best Lennox model.
Even if a home has never had central air conditioning before, it may already have heating ductwork that can be used with a Lennox central air conditioning unit. However, this can only be determined by a professional contractor. In some cases, the existing ductwork may be too small to work properly with a central air conditioning unit. In others, it may not go to the right parts of the home. If the ductwork is assessed and determined not to be compatible with a Lennox air conditioner, new ductwork will probably have to be installed.
In some instances, a home may not have traditional HVAC ductwork of any kind. In most cases, an entire system of ducts will need to be installed. Having all new ducts installed in a home is very expensive and can make the total cost skyrocket. However, it isn't always the only option.

Split Ductless Systems

To avoid the high cost of having new ductwork installed in a home, some people choose to use a split ductless air conditioning system instead. Lennox has one split ductless air conditioning model, the MS7C Mini-Split Air Conditioner. Although some people attempt to install these units themselves, it is still a job that is best left to the professionals. The MS7C has a SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, of 22. In terms of noise, it has a decibel level of 26.
Split ductless systems don't require ductwork. Like regular air conditioning units, they consist of two main components. There is an outside condenser, and then there are one to four indoor units. Each unit is placed in a different room in the house, and each one cools a single room. A remote control is provided for each indoor unit. The primary advantage of a split ductless system like the MS7C is the fact that no ducts need to be installed. For people who live in homes without the appropriate ductwork, this type of air conditioner can save a lot of money. However, the unit itself is not cheap. The primary savings are in installation.

Split Systems

Traditional central air conditioning systems are known as split systems. Lennox currently offers seven units that are compatible with split systems. In a split-system setup, there is a condenser outside the home and a fan and coil system inside the home. Refrigerant flows through pipes between the two components, and it cools and dehumidifies the air. A blower motor circulates the cooled air through ducts in the home, and it is eventually pushed out through registers throughout the home.

Heat Pump Systems

There are also heat pump systems that cool the home. Lennox offers two split-ductless heat pump systems: the MS8Z Mini-Split Heat Pump and the MS7H Mini-Split Heat Pump. They are designed and installed like any other split-ductless system, but they can heat individual rooms as well. When cooling, these systems take warm air and either eject it deep into the ground or outside. When heating, these systems pull warm air from deep within the ground and circulate it around a room. Again, these systems are ideal for homes that don't have ductwork that is compatible with traditional central air conditioning systems. They only heat or cool a couple of rooms, so they aren't technically central conditioning systems.

Basic Features of Lennox Air Conditioners

The majority of people who buy Lennox air conditioners choose options from the Signature, Merit, or Elite series, which consist of traditional split-system air conditioners. To make the most informed choice possible, it's smart to be familiar with the basic terminology that describes differences between these models.

Cooling Capacity

When shopping for something like a window air conditioner, determining the right cooling capacity is as simple as calculating the square footage of a room. A few additional tweaks may be needed, but that is pretty much it. With a central air conditioning unit, things are a little more complicated.
The cooling capacity, or size, of an air conditioner is measured in BTUs, or British Thermal Units, per hour. In the case of Lennox air conditioners, cooling capacity is measured in tons. One ton equals 12,000 BTUs per hour. This information is useful, but it is generally not possible for a layperson to determine the right cooling capacity. This type of calculation is best left to professionals.
Prior to contacting a contractor, a general estimate of the cooling capacity can be determined by gathering a few pieces of information. It is best to have at least two specific models to compare. Look at an electricity bill to find out the local electricity rate, which is measured in dollars per kilowatt hour. Get the SEER rating for each unit and the price, including installation, of each unit as well. In addition, the cooling capacity in tons is required. Finally, find out if each unit has a programmable thermostat. Use an online calculator to get an idea about the long-term savings of each unit.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating

Each Lennox air conditioner has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, which is generally known as the SEER rating. This number reflects the energy efficiency of the unit. The higher the rating, the more efficient it is.

Single-Stage versus Multiple-Stage

Another thing to consider when shopping for a Lennox air conditioner is whether it offers single-stage cooling or multiple-stage cooling. The majority of models on the market use single-stage cooling, which means that they run at full capacity until the desired temperature is reached, and then they shut off until cooling is needed again. Multiple-stage, or two-stage, systems can operate at different outputs. They are more efficient, and they make it easier to achieve the desired temperature in a home. Lennox offers high-end models that offer multiple-stage cooling. In particular, Signature models offer this feature. Less expensive models, like those in the Merit series, offer single-stage cooling.

Programmable Thermostats

The majority of today's air conditioners have programmable thermostats, and Lennox air conditioners are no exception. When used effectively, a programmable thermostat can result in savings of up to $1,000 over the lifetime of an air conditioning unit, so it is well worth it to buy an air conditioner that includes this feature.

Filter Alerts

High-end Lennox air conditioners include this high-tech feature. To ensure that air quality and efficiency are maintained, the unit issues an alert when a new filter is needed.


Noise is a major concern for most people. No one wants an air conditioner that is excessively noisy. Decibel ratings are given to today's air conditioners. A reasonable decibel rating is right around 70.


For years, R-22 refrigerant was the chemical that was used to cool the air. However, it was found to be very bad for the environment and not especially efficient. It has been phased out, and R-410A refrigerant is now the standard. All Lennox air conditioners use R-410A refrigerant.

Comparing Lennox Air Conditioners

Signature Collection

This is Lennox's premium line of air conditioners. They offer exceptional efficiency, quiet operation, and multiple-stage cooling. They also offer extensive warranties and a variety of high-tech features.

Elite Series

Although they don't have quite as many high-tech features as Signature models, Elite air conditioners by Lennox offer very good efficiency and quiet operation. They are also a lot less expensive, so they are ideal for families with tighter budgets. However, the warranties on these machines aren't quite as extensive.

Merit Series

For people who are on especially tight budgets, Merit air conditioners by Lennox are ideal options. Efficiency is still fairly decent, but none of these models have multiple-stage cooling. Warranties on parts and compressors are also more limited than they are with other options.









76 dB

Five year parts and compressor>




69 dB

Five year parts and compressor




74 dB

Five year parts, 10 year compressor




71 dB

Five year parts, 10 year compressor




74 dB

Five year parts, 10 year compressor




69 dB

10 year parts, 10 year compressor




69 dB

10 year parts, 10 year compressor

Finding Lennox Air Conditioners on eBay

To find Lennox air conditioners on eBay, click on the Home, Outdoors & Decor category on the main page. From there, click on the Home & Garden subcategory, and then continue to the Home Improvement section. In the Heating, Cooling & Air category, there is a section for Air Conditioners. On the right side of the screen, the desired brand can be selected, or a search can be performed within the Air Conditioners category.


Buying an air conditioner can be intimidating. Lennox air conditioners are solid options, and they include models that are suitable for just about any budget.

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