Legitimate Authentic Designer Handbag Wholesaler

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What A Legitimate Authentic Designer Handbag Wholesaler Is!!

I spent much money on contact information to buy wholesale Authentic Designer handbag "wholesalers" only to find that these wholesalers are bulking up the "wholesale" price leaving the buyer a small profit margin. A Legitimate Designer Handbag Wholesaler sells authentic designer handbags. No knock offs! High end Replica or knock-off handbags are lawfully trademark infringement, and they are illegal.  Authentic handbags should always come with their authenticity cards/tags and dust covers. They should wholesale handbags at 50-75% off retail, so you can make a profit!  A Legitimate Designer Handbag Wholesaler will offer you a money-back guarantee on the authenticity of their handbags otherwise they are definitely not authentic. Legitimate Designer Wholesalers cannot and will not require that you pay an account set up fee, there should be no added fees, other than the cost of the merchandise itself and the shipping costs.

A Legitimate Designer Handbag Wholesaler will require you to purchase a minimum quantity  which can be as low as 5 handbags, unless they drop-ship directly to your customers. Very importantly a Legitimate Designer Handbag Wholesaler should not wholesale Louis Vuitton, as LV places very strict guidelines on who they wholesale their handbags to and most importantly only sell at one location making it impossible to purchase this brand at wholesale, legally.

They will provide you with their company's complete contact information: address, telephone number in which you should always be able to speak with someone before placing an order via e-mail, etc. Their place of business should not be a "mission impossible".  PERTINENT; If a company claims to be a legitimate designer handbag wholesaler and does not give you their direct information,,,  Don't deal with them!  More than likely, they are trying to hide something from you. 

If you've spent countless hours looking for a legitimate source.. Convo me.. I  use the most legitimate source/directory for 100's of Authentic Designer handbags and include sunglasses,designer jewelry,clothing, shoes,perfume, accessories and much more..

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