Leaving 5 Stars For Sellers is important

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Leaving 5 Stars For Sellers is important
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Leaving 5 Stars is More Important Than You Think

  As a buyer you have the power to offer your opinion about sellers in ways that a seller cannot about a buyer.  Not only can you leave positive or negative feedback but those stars that eBay requests you to leave can cost a seller in more ways than one.  It can cost them their power seller status.  It can cost them more to list an auction, more to sell the item, more in final value fees and cost them customers.  Some people refuse to leave anyone a 5 star rating on "principle".  That isn't fair to a seller.  These are 4 reasons to leave a REAL star rating for your seller.

1.  Description, Look at the actual item and the description.  Did it match the description?  Did the seller state it was new in box?  Did it arrive as pictured?  If it did then it was as described.  If it didn't contact the seller before leaving any feedback.  Things happen in transport.  Let the seller adjust or amend the sale before you leave the seller a negative or less than 5 stars.

2.  Cost of shipping.  This one is delicate.  If the seller states it takes 8 dollars to ship a photo within the US you should avoid his auction in the first place but, if he has clearly stated how much he is going to charge up front then this is on you.  However, something most buyers don't know is that although a flat rate envelope now costs 5.30 from the post office, eBay is charging the seller 50 cents and Paypal is collecting their fee on top of that.  eBay collects 10 percent more or less of the shipping fee collected from the seller.

 So if the seller is charging 6 dollars for a flat rate, that is the reason.  The shipping calculator doesn't help the seller one iota either.  It doesn't calculate any fees or even enough postage.  I have been caught paying quite a bit extra for the postage because eBay's calculator stated it would 10 dollars and it cost me 15 shipping through PAYPAL or eBay.

3.  Shipping Time.  Look at when the seller actually shipped the item.  Don't judge a seller by how long it took the post office to bring it to you.  That isn't fair to the seller.  I personally ship the first day the post office is open.  That doesn't mean you are going to get it on time.  Before you leave less than 5 star look at the actual date the seller shipped.  If it is within one or two days of when you paid........then leave them the 5 stars.

4.  Communications.  Unless there is a delay or question, I normally do not contact a buyer.  We all get enough emails without worrying about me sending one stating that you have been shipped your item.  eBay and Paypal both send you an update through an automated system.  You can check for tracking info through your "my ebay my purchases" link.  If you don't initiate contact don't expect a seller to contact you if there isn't a problem.  We do not like to invade your space....so to speak.  If you do contact a seller and they don't respond....that is rude.  That you should judge them on.  Always contact a seller through eBay though as it will automatically come up in their messages and eBay will have record of it being delivered.  However sometimes it takes a while for a message to be delivered.  I have talked to friends who email me through the system sending me links or items I'm looking for and it take 30 minutes to 2 hours for delivery.....

All in all, if you are happy with the transaction, leave your seller the 5 stars.  eBay is taking this seriously.  It doesn't seem important to the buyer but, it is detrimental to the seller.

Thank you for reading.


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