Last minute bids........ tips and tricks

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   1. How come that bids go sky high at the last moment? That is psychology. Most people wait until the last moment in order not to alert possible competitors. If you sell Talisman on Ebay, don't panic if the price is still at $5.00 with 2 days to go (unless you misspelled the name of course and didn't give any sensefull description).

   2. How to overbid by just $0.01? Easy, suppose the current bid is $5.00 and the steps are $0.50. Overbid by $0.51. If the original bidders' maximum bid was just $5.00 and you got the item, you lost $0.01. However, if the maximumbid of the original bidder was $5.50, you just ovebid his maximum with just $0.01: if you got the item, you just saved yourself $0.49 (Lucky you!). 
 3. How to overcome $0.01 over-bids? See above, set your maximum bid at $5.11 when you bid for $4.50. In this case you avoid $5.01 and $5.10 overbids later on. You also might consider $5.25 (sitting in the middle).
 4. Why would you wait for the last minute to bid? Suppose your concurrent bidder has a maximum of $5.00. Now, hours before closing you overbid by $0.50. Although your opponent had originally a maximum of $5.00, he might reconsider this maximum ('What the heck, I really want it') and thus might try to overbid you anyway. If you do this 'last minute' he doesn't have the time to reconsider. Note: people with last minute change of minds are the most dangerous ones, they might go for it, any (ridiculous) price.

How to become a succesfull last minute bidder? Get everything set with your absolute maximum bid (just one button to push) to push at the last minute. You might change you mind as well though so have another window open with even a higher absolute maximum bid. In case your 'original' absolute maximum bid might be too low, you still have one last chance (that is, a few seconds) to change your mind. Also keep the $0.01 strategy in mind. In case of doubt, use a $0.12+ above the normal raise.
  6. How to know your competitors? There are many dealers looking for bargains. They will drop out when the price is about to equal the 'normal' marketprice. Also, these guys are looking for MINT products. If there is something mint, they might 'go for it'. Don't worry about them when you are bidding on 'normal' used items. They won't be any trouble once the price is high enough, they will simply drop out. Resellers can be identified by the large amount of deals made over the last months. More of trouble are newcommers, with just a few (or no) references. These guys may become beserk, once they are about to loose a bid. Try strategy 5 (last minute bidder).

How to find interesting goods on Ebay? Have multiple searches bookmarked. In that way you overcome the problem that some sellers do not correctly enter the description.

  Also take a look at the different international ebay-sites (eBay Australia, eBay Austria, eBay Canada, eBay France, eBay Germany, eBay Italy, eBay Japan, eBay United Kingdom). Note that stuff comes from the original country is usually cheaper (GW stuff from the UK is cheaper that buying in the US). Also keep in mind that shipping costs are to be added. Please keep in mind that some sellers do not ship internationally. Oh, and looking for 'BOARDGAMES' at  or is not very usefull (not everyone speak English you know...).

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