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 The LG 220c cellphone through Straight Talk (registered trademark of TRACFONE) is an "ok" phone for those who are NOT looking for alot of high end features (picture message, custom mp3 ringtones, camera).  This phone does run off the verizon wireless network so the service is great as you can use this phone just about everywhere & get  a great signal.  Alot of people will purchase this phone only to realize there is no picture messaging (no camera) or ability to get FREE custom made ringtones in the MP3 format. Ringtones can be custom made but the format has to be in QCP (Qualcomm Purevoice) which is the worst quality format for a ringtone. Poly-phonic ringtones sound great and can also be sent to this phone for those who perfer this type of ringtone.  The only way to get MP3 formatted ringtones on this phone is to get them from the STRAIGHT TALK website thru your account and the PRICE IS $2.99 per ringtone & this has to be done from your puter and then it is sent to your phone for download.  A bit pricey & not a big selection, but if you want quality sounding ringtones you will have to suck it up and pay.  Also...those ringtones DO NOT RING very long. I heard my phone ringing and b4 I could get the phone out of my pocket....it stopped ringing and this was in a matter of about 10-20 seconds.  I was able to WAP some converted (.mp3 to .qcp) custom made ringers to this phone but the quality was soo HORRIBLE I deleted them off the phone as they sounded very crappy & distorted.  I find it very disturbing that if you pay for the ringtones they are downloaded to this phone in MP3 FORMAT yet if you send your own to the phone...YOU WILL GET A "FILE TYPE NOT SUPPORTED" MESSAGE. 

     As far as the unlimited mobile web....well you can browse quite a few sites but the internal screen is very small so the pages just dont look good at all while viewing them as everything is crammed on the screen forcing you to scroll down quite a bit.  I wasn't able to download anything from websites to the phone other than the pricey ringtones from Straight Talk. 

     To find out what email address you use with STRAIGHT TALK...all you have to do is send a tex message from your phone to your online email address. Check for the message (prolly be in your junk mailbox) and it will display your CORRECT STRAIGHT TALK EMAIL ADDRESS.  Mine was the area code + number followed by the @ symbol and the words vtext .com.  I would only recommend the LG 220C to beginners, children or those who are in need of a cheap quick fix replacement phone using Straight Talk, Tracfone or MetroPCS.

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