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What Type of Laundry Detergent Should I Use or is Best for Washing/Laundering my New Egyptian Cotton Sheets Sets, (Washable) Bedding or Duvet Comforter Cover?

First, keep in mind that not all Bedding is Machine-Washable. Nearly all Sheets and Lightweight Duvet Cover Sets made of similar Cotton Sheeting Material are Washable. Most are also able to be Machine-Dryed, although this is not always the case, as some manufacturers recommend line-dry for delicates. Always read the attached tag instructions before ever placing your new bed linens into any machine for home launder. Certain materials, such as Cashmere and most Wools, require dry-clean only care. This is also true for nearly all Comforter Sets, so never assume your Bedding is made to be machine-laundered. Carefully check the attached tag of your linens for manufacturer instructions. This Guide is designed to assist with Machine-Washable designated Bedding. For any specific questions, or doubts, please contact the manufacturer directly before placing your Bedding in a washer or dryer.

Ph-balanced laundry detergents are recommended, including fine linen care products especially developed for Egyptian Cotton bedding. Tide, a brand readily available in nearly every grocery store, is also ph-balanced. Do be sure however not to use a combined detergent that incorporates bleach. Woolite is an excellent product and Woolite for Darks has been noted to work well to preserve dark dyes and tones of deep, rich colors. There is speculation however that traditional Woolite, when used in conjunction with whites, may slightly alter or yellow bright white tones. Regardless of the detergent used, always be sure to read and follow the instructions. When caring for Fine Linens, never overuse or exceed the amount recommended by the manufacturer. There are two key problems that can occur with excessive detergent. The most obvious and visible problem is that overuse of detergents can strip or fade colors and richness of dye. This is true for even the finest Egyptian Cotton Sets. Yarn-dyed Bedding, the best dyeing process for Egyptian Cotton Sheet and Duvet Sets, holds dye far better than less expensive vat-dyed Bedding products. Regardless, overuse of detergent can negatively affect both types of dyeing processes. You may not immediately notice the difference however prolonged use of too much detergent in each cycle will cause loss of richness in tone. Just as important however is a lesser-known problem that can occur. Too much detergent, particularly when used on a prolonged or frequent basis, can cause build-up or residue. Essentially, the detergent can become trapped in natural Egyptian Cotton or Cotton fibers, unable to be thoroughly rinsed by the washer when used in large amounts. When trapped in the fibers, unrinsed detergent can eventually compromise the fibers and surface, causing stickiness or stiffness in the Egyptian Cotton. Over time, soap residue which continuously remains and is repeatedly dried into the Egyptian Cotton fibers can attract oils and dirt that would normally be repeled.

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