Kodak Easyshare software is still NOT Easy

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Kodak Easyshare software is still NOT Easy
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We recently purchased another digital camera for our ebay listings and personal family use. 

The camera is excellent, photos are great, and we are pleased with the purchase, BUT  wish we had never heard of Kodak Easyshare software.

BEWARE- this program seems to take over your computer and causes the speed to drop beyond anything else we have ever loaded.

Further it will take all photos on your computer and convert them so they cannot be opened with any other program, then when you try to open them with Easyshare it says "cannot open the collection, please upgrade to latest software"  or other messages.

Extremely difficult and time consuming to try and get photos back from this evil software menace.

In addition, program is almost  impossible to delete, difficult to use, and keeps telling us that we do not have the latest upgrades, even if we upgrade every day (which takes forever and requires rebooting again and again)

We tried everything, and even after following all recommendations from  Kodak "tech support" (NOT) and other recommendations we found on the internet, we still have to deal with this program every time we log on or boot up.

We love the camera, just hate the Easyshare software and caution anyone that is considering purchasing a camera with that software to be sure you have the time and memory to run this monstrosity before you load the CD.

Go online, view other reviews, Google the word Easyshare and  you will see many other similar postings. 

Glad so many people love the program, but this is one user that wishes he had never heard of it!!

This is an update to the above posting.  Dated September 2007, We have recently gotten rid of the so called Easyshare printer and will soon be deleting (if we can) all Easyshare software from our computer.

Kodak Easyshare is still the worst program I have ever encountered in my time using computers as far as slowing down,  not responding,  pathetic customer service, memory used, and just about anything else you can describe that would be bad about at program you downloaded on purpose.  Acts more like a virus than a good program in my opinion



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