Kinoki Detox Foot Pads...Do They Work?

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At a steep price of $19.99 for only slightly over a dozen pads you will surely want to know if this product will really detox your body or just detox your wallet.  

The advertisement is catching.   Curiosity rules over common sense.  I am a believer in natural medicine but a non-believer in something like this...yet I just had to try them.

For a better result my husband and I used them at the same time.  The directions on how to apply them are a little confusing and we needed to read over a few times.  They reccommend 1 on 1 foot every night or 1 on each foot every other night.  We opted for the latter.

We put them on not expecting much however waiting to see that magical residue left over in the morning.  We both got no does that mean we didnt need detox or we just got ripped off by a clever idea?  My husband said he felt tingling (hes more a believer than me).  He also experienced sweating with them.  I did not.

I begrudingly do need to say that i have planter facisitis in my right foot and my pain was minimal to gone after having that on, but that could easily be due to some sort of arch support with the sachet you basically tape on to your soles.

Is it good....not it worth trying...sure if you dont invest too much money (buy them cheap on ebay and try them out) and expect a heavenly nature  miracle to occur from something.

Next time Ill just throw in another $20 and go for a good accupressure foot massage instead!

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