Keeping track of your sales yes you can !

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Okay, I wonder if all sellers keep track of their sales???? Im sure not all sellers are set up to do this, but I highly stress the fact that you do..

There are several programs available that work on the computer, however I trust the old fashioned way more, A log book journal style entry. You cant take the computer out the door with you in case of a natural dissaster or  fire, BUT  YOU can take the log book out the door. 

Lets begin, a simple journal you can use a tablet, a notebook with lines, a standard graph paper almost anything will work..

I have mine set up in columns very simple ones  shipping date, buyer id, auction number, total amount of the sale with out shipping , shippingand method of payment and in the end cost of the item.  These are the basic headings needed to be able to put your finger on fast.  

Example buyer John Doe sends you an email Hey I have not received the item yet, when did you send it,well who wants to go thru tons of paper looking, just go to the log you have created find the user id and bam you know what day it was sent. So time saving.  

Another plus to keeping the log is you know exactly how much your spending on shipping fees and you know exactly how much profit you are making off the items works perfect for one item sales.

When you have multiple sales you can code it by entering one of the auction numbers this will give you a link to the invoice stored in the computer or you can list all of them if you desire. I strongly reccommend you have some sort of log book, computer records get lost all of the time, and storing all that paper is such a fire hazard, easy, safe takes about 5 minutes to log it all in...

I also suggest a  A-Z file you can get them at any office supply to hold the papers in until you receive the feedback from the buyer, if you need to verify an address or something, once feedback has been received,you can shred them up in a shredder and use them for packing material .

If you are ever audited by the IRS they can track all the sales thru your log, weather it be a special program that you can download to disk or just a notebook do it use it keep it safe its your selling Bible!

Thanks and remember to start that journal ASAP, you wont be sorry you did.


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